FIFA 20: All the smallest players to sign

Small players can be surprisingly valuable as they offer something a 'little' bit different.

We have already looked at the tallest players on FIFA 20 and what they could bring to your team, however on the flip side, there are the smallest players who can bring something completely different.

Most of them possess top end movement stats, with their low centre of gravity making it very difficult to get them off the ball.

Unfortunately, you cannot search for players by height on FIFA 20. Fortunately, we have you covered.

Here’s the list of all the smallest players and all the necessary information you need if you’re looking for a little pocket rocket to join your side on Career Mode.

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Kazuki Yamaguchi (OVR 56 – POT 61) 

Height: 5’1″

Age: 24

Position: CF, RW

Club: Shonan Bellmare

Country: Japan

Best stats: 94 agility, 91 balance, 77 acceleration 

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Value: £108,000 (Release clause: £143,000)

Wage: £890 a week

24-year-old Japanese forward Kazuki Yamaguchi is the smallest forward in FIFA 20 this year, coming in at a tiny 5’1″. Kazuki has spent his full career to date in the J League playing with Shonan Bellmare and has made four appearances so far this term but is yet to score a goal.

Kazuki may have some impressive stats, notably his 94 agility and 91 balance, however with just 56 finishing, you will find it difficult to find the target. He won’t be playing in any top sides but could do a job off the bench in the lower divisions.

Hiroto Nakagawa (OVR 66 – POT 70)

Height: 5’1″

Age: 24

Position: CAM, ST

Club: Shonan Bellmare

Country: Japan

Best stats: 95 agility, 94 acceleration, 94 balance

Work rate: High/High

Value: £765,000 (Release clause: £1 million)

Wage: £890 a week

Like Yamaguchi, Hiroto Nakagawa is another 5’1″ forward plying his trade with Shonan Bellmare. He has spent his full career to date in Japan, spending time at Kashiwa Reysol as well as his current employers.

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Like his teammate, Nakagawa has some impressive movement stats whilst also suprisingly impressing in the air, with 92 jumping. Costing just £890 a week, Nakagawa would be a good squad player for a lower league side.

Nahuel Barrios (OVR 70 – POT 80)

Height: 5’1″

Age: 21

Position: LM, CAM, LW

Club: San Lorenzo de Almagro

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 94 balance, 84 acceleration, 73 dribbling

Work rate: High/Low

Value: £2.6 million (Release clause: £4.4 million)

Wage £7,100 a week

A player with a bit more potential next, 21-year-old Argentinian forward Nahuel Barrios. His full career has been spent with Argentinian side San Lorenzo de Almagro, where he spent a season in their U20 side before being promoted to their main team ahead of the 17/18 season.

With a potential overall of 80, Barrios is a player who could have a significant impact at a higher level side, however he will set you back a fair bit more. Valued at around £2.6 million and with a wage of over £7k a week, Barrios won’t come cheap for those wanting a small forward in their side.

Joao Plata (OVR 72 – POT 72) 

Height: 5’2″

Age: 27

Position: LW, LM

Club: Real Salt Lake

Country: Ecuador

Best stats: 94 agility, 93 balance, 89 acceleration 

Work rate: High/Medium

Value: £2.9 million (Release clause: £4.4 million)

Wage: £7,100 a week

It has been quite a disappointing season so far for Joao Plata, the Ecuadorian has managed just one goal in 17 appearances for MLS side Real Salt Lake who are looking to secure a playoff spot in the Western Conference this season.

His stats are as you would expect for a small forward, with impressive movement stats, however he also boasts an impressive 74 dribbling and 71 shot power. You will want to talk down his transfer fee slightly, which we feel is too high for a player who has maxed his potential.

Josh Nisbet (OVR 56 – POT 66) 

Height: 5’2″

Age: 20

Position: CDM

Club: Central Coast Mariners

Country: Australia 

Best stats: 87 balance, 81 stamina, 80 agility

Work rate: High/High

Value: £125,000 (Release clause: £183,000)

Wage £890 a week

At just 5’2″, its safe to say that Josh Nisbet is not your conventional defensive midfielder. The young Australian has made five appearances in his debut season in the A League and is yet to score.

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Whilst Nisbet may have respectable movement and power stats for a 56 overall, with just 50 standing tackle and 51 sliding tackle ratings, it’s hard to see how he will be a beneficial CDM for many sides. His wages are low so he may be worth a shot, but only as a squad player.

Maxi Moralez (OVR 76 – POT 76)

Height: 5’2″

Age: 32

Position: CAM, CM

Club: New York City FC

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 82 acceleration, 81 agility, 76 ball control

Work rate: High/High

Value: £5.4 million (Release clause: £8.1 million)

Wage £6,000 a week

Maxi Moralez has enjoyed another fine season for MLS side New York City FC, scoring eight goals and registering 13 assists in 30 appearances as they sit pretty at the top of the Eastern Conference heading into the latter part of the season.

Unlike most players his size, Moralez doesn’t posses the most outrageous movement stats, however his all round game is much better than most his size. Whilst he commands a somewhat hefty fee of £5 million, he is one of the better small men available.

Chanathip Songkrasin (OVR 71 – POT 75)

Height: 5’2″

Age: 25

Position: CF, LW, CAM

Club: Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo

Country: Thailand 

Best stats: 91 agility, 88 acceleration, 83 sprint speed

Work rate: High/High

Value: £2.8 million (Release clause: £3.7 million)

Wage £3,600 a week

Thai players are a bit of a rarity on FIFA, however Thai international Chanathip Songkrasin is once again in the game, playing with J League side Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, with whom he has managed four goals and seven assists in 24 appearances this year.

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The 5’2″ winger is another of the small men with impressive movement stats, notably 91 agility and 88 acceleration. Valued at £2.8M with a potential of 75, Songkrasin could be a decent addition to the lesser sides on FIFA 20.

Jonas Romero (OVR 58 – POT 78)

Height: 5’3″

Age: 18

Position: ST

Club: Atletico Tucuman

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 89 balance, 77 sprint speed, 77 agility 

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Value: £231,000 (Release clause: £585,000)

Wage £890 a week

One of the best bargain small men on FIFA 20 is 18 year old Argentinian Jonas Romero. The Atletico Tucuman forward was promoted from the sides U20 setup ahead of this season and has made one appearance to date.

With the potential to jump a massive 20 ratings, from his current 58 to a 78 overall, and a starting wage of less than £1k per week, Romero could be one of the bargains of the year and a definite target for those who like small forwards.

Daniel Villalva (OVR 71 – POT 71)

Height: 5’3″

Age: 26

Position: RW, LM

Club: Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz

Country: Argentina

Best stats: 91 balance, 85 agility, 78 jumping 

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Cost: £1.7 million (Release clause: £2.8 million)

Wage £6,200 a week

Its been a tricky past 12 months or so for Daniel Villalva, having struggled to make an impact at Queretaro last season following his move in the summer of 2018, he made his second transfer in 12 months to Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, where he is yet to find the back of the net.

His dribbling stats are his main attribute, with 91 balance making it hard to get the ball off him and with 65 finishing, he could be a good player to have in the lower leagues. His potential has been maximised at 71 though, so that is something to bare in mind when agreeing a fee and wages.

Misael Dominguez (OVR 68 – POT 76)

Height: 5’3″

Age: 19

Position: LM

Club: Cruz Azul

Country: Mexico

Best stats: 78 agility, 77 sprint speed, 75 balance

Work rate: High/Medium

Cost: £1.2 million (Release clause: £5,000 a week)

Wage £5,300 a week

The last name to make the list of the ten smallest players on FIFA 20 is Mexican youngster Misael Dominguez. Playing his trade in Liga MX, Dominguez made his first senior appearance for Cruz Azul earlier this season.

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Another player with some significant potential, rising from 68 to 76, Dominguez is a great player for lower league managers to go after. He doesn’t have any massively standout stats however his overall game is solid. You may have to try and talk down his £5,300 a week wages, which are quite high for his rating, but he would be a worthy assert nonetheless.

All the players on FIFA 20 Career Mode under 5’4″

Name APosClubCountryHOVRPOTVW
Nahuel Barrios21LM
San LorenzoArgentina5’1″7080£2.6m£7.1k
Hiroto Nakagawa24CAM
Shonan BellmareJapan5’1″6670£756k£890
Kazuki Yamaguchi24CF
Shonan BellmareJapan5’1″5661£107k£890
Maxi Moralez32CAM
NYC FCArgentina5’2″7676£5.3m£6k
Joao Plata27LW
Real Salt LakeEcquador5’2″7272£2.9m£7.1k
Chanathip Songkrasin25CF
Consadole SapporoThailand5’2″7175£2.8m3.6k
Josh Nesbit20CDMCentral Coast MarinersAustralia5’2″5666£125k£890
Vladimir Hernández30LM
Atlético NacionalColombia5’3″7272£2.6m£4.4k
Daniel Villalva26RW
CD VeracruzArgentina5’3″7171£2.2m£6.2k
Erhun Oztumer28CAMCharltonEngland5’3″6969£1m£8k
Misael Dominguez19LMCruz AzulMexico5’3″6876£1.2m£5.3k
Kim Hyeon Wook24CM
Ganangwon FCKorea Republic5’3″6370£443k£890
Jonas Romero18STAtletico TucumanArgentina5’3″5878£231k£890k
L. Insigne28CF
NapoliItaly 5’4″8787£46.8m£126k
R. Fraser25LM BournemouthScotland 5’4″8183£69k£19.4m
S. Giovinco32CF
Al HilalItaly 5’4″8181£51k£12.6m
Daniel Podence23LM
OlympiacosPortugal 5’4″7883£900£12.6m
P. Piatti30LM
EspanyolArgentina 5’4″7878£27k£9m
N. Silva29LM
Argentinos JuniorsArgentina 5’4″7474£11k£5m
C. Aboagye24CM
Queretaro*Ghana 5’4″7076£5k£2.2m
J. Meneses26LM
Club LeonChile 5’4″7172£16k£2.5m
S. Kaneko24RM
S-PulseJapan 5’4″7074£2k£2.1m
S. Asamoah25CDM
Sint-TruidenGhana 5’4″7074£6k£1.9m

*Denotes on loan

Only players 70 OVR & above included on 5’4″ players

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