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24 Jan 2020

FIFA 20 Headliners Explained: Release date, team 2, leaks and more

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So, what are FIFA 20 Headliners?

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How do Headliners work?

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When are the Headliners being released? And what about leaks?

The FIFA 20 Headliners Team 2 is set to land in a matter of hours.

The first set of FIFA 20’s Headliners cards have gone down a storm with the FIFA community, so we're expecting big things when Team 2 drops.

So, what are FIFA 20 Headliners?

Headliners first arrived in FIFA 19 as a special line of FUT cards that gave boosts to top-performing and over-achieving players.


These cards operate similarly to Ones to Watch cards, except with Headliners, the player’s rating will always remain one point higher than their latest in-form card.

Not only that, but new for this year, Headliner cards will also receive an additional one point upgrade if their club wins four league matches in a row.

How do Headliners work?

Thankfully, Reddit user HappyChan has come up with a TLDR explanation about exactly how Headliners work

  • The criteria selection is for players that are currently in form (doesn't matter if they are +90 rating). But they seem to have excluded live cards and TOTYs
  • The headliner will stay +1 (permanent )of their highest performance card*
  • The headliner will stay +2 (permanent) of their highest performance card* if their club achieves 4 wins a row in DOMESTIC LEAGUE. Also will get a dynamic glowing image
  • If a player is transferred/loaned, it won't be changed until he gets an IF card from that club
  • The position in the card will stay the same, no matter what

The Headliners Team 1 consisted of a serious amount of talent, so it makes sense that gamers can’t wait to see what Team 2 will bring.

Performance cards: Performance-Based in-forms include: TOTW (until the end of the 2019-20 season), MOTM, Hero, Record Breaker and Team Of The Tournament

It's also worth noting that win streaks count from this day on, too.

When are the Headliners being released? And what about leaks?

FIFA fans have been desperate to find out which players will be arriving in Headliners Team 2 especially after a new leak emerged online.


The good news is that the Headliners Team 2 will drop at 6pm today (Friday February 24), so we won't be waiting long to see who made the cut.