How to do this BRUTAL celebration on FIFA 21

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Celebrations can be infuriating on FIFA, and FIFA 21 looks to be no different.

One new celebration stands out as potentially the most irritating, so find out how to do it below!

New celebrations for FIFA 21




Mbappe first introduced us to the celebration in October 2019 after scoring in a 4-0 win against Marseille.

To perform the ‘Cry Baby’ on FIFA 21, all you must do is run to the camera. It is that simple!

Your player may not perform the Cry Baby every time, but when they do it will definitely wind up your opponent.

Another new ‘Run to Camera’ celebration coming to FIFA 21 is the ‘Camera Swipe’, so your players could do this instead.

Check out all the new celebrations on FIFA 21 here.

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