FIFA 21: First Impressions Are In - And the excitement is growing!

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FIFA 21 is just around the corner, and now we're starting to learn more and more about the upcoming title!

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Here is what you need to know about FIFA 21.

Gameplay taken up a notch


EA has been talking up the changes to the gameplay in recent weeks, and they have backed up that talk!

Here are all the noticeable changes when it comes to the in game mechanisms.

Getting in behind

Playing those quick one-twos in order to send your teammate on a run in behind has been a key to unlocking defences in years gone by, but on FIFA 21 you can control those runs even more.

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Playing the one-two still works in the same way - L1 + X / LB + A - but now rather than a default straight run in behind, you can control the direction that your player heads in by using the right analogue stick.

You can also make the run yourself by activating Player Lock. This reverses the roles completely as the AI becomes the player in control of the pass, allowing you to time your run exactly how you see fit.


Agile Dribbling

EA have spoken a lot about the new agile dribbling feature in their recent pitch notes and on the pitch, it can be a game changer.

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Unsurprisingly it works a lot better with those players who possess high ratings in dribbling department - think Lionel Messi & Co - but in terms of taking on your opposite number, it works a treat.

Career Mode upgrade worth the wait

We know that this is a big one for a lot of FIFA fans.

Career Mode has finally received its long-awaited makeover, and it was certainly worth the wait.


Development Centre is key

One of the new features which is certainly worth your time is the development centre.

As a manager, the development of your players is key. The development centre allows you to handcraft each individual in order to turn them into your perfect player.

FIFA 21 Development Centre
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COMPLETE STRIKER! You can adapt your strikers abilities to suit your needs

You will be able to keep tabs on your players progress and development here, whilst you can also retrain players in order to teach them new positions.


Interactive Match Sim is perfect

We've spoken about this one briefly before but we feel as though it's worth emphasising once more.

The interactive match sim will save you a lot of time. If you're the kind of Career Mode player that plays every single game without fail, then this won't be of much benefit to you.

fifa 21 career mode match sim 1
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JUMP IN! This feature allows you to take control at any point

But if you're one who wants to be in charge but get through those early rounds of the Carabao Cup quickly, then take control off the field through the interactive match sim.

You can jump in and play at any point. So if Oxford United are doing a number on your reserve side, then fear not, as you can come in and save the day.


Competitor Mode lets you take on the pros

If you prefer your gameplay offline but find the AI too easy on those higher difficulties, then this new difficulty setting should be right up your street.

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By turning on competitor mode, the AI will take the traits of the world's best FIFA players and imitate them in-game. Enabling this feature on the higher tiered difficulties will take the competition up a level.

This isn't its own difficulty, but instead an extra that can be added on top of the current difficulties.