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FC 24 now HALF PRICE after disappointing launch

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EA FC 24

FC 24 has been out for just under two months, and anyone who has played it will know that things haven't been plain sailing since launch.

Numerous bugs, glitches, and other gameplay-related issues have disappointed and angered many fans, leading EA to release Five Title Updates within the first few weeks.

Admittedly, those updates have left FC 24 in a better place, but it's still not perfect, and now the game has quite literally hit a new low by already dropping to half-price.

FC 24 now half-price!

It's not often a surprise to see newish releases on offer after a while, but to see them drop to half-price just over a month since launch is never usually a good sign.

That's exactly what FC 24 has done, with the Standard Edition now priced at only £34.99 on both the PlayStation and Xbox stores, having originally been £69.99. Even The Ultimate Edition, which was priced at £99.99, has also been reduced to £49.99 on Xbox.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Edition
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Credit: Xbox Store
FC 24 Ultimate Edition

Additionally, the Nintendo Switch version of FC 24 finds itself dropping to half price too, leaving it available for just £27.49.

It is worth pointing out that the offers appear to be part of the Black Friday sales, but to drop down by that much so soon is quite something, and perhaps a reflection of the game's struggles.

The price drop comes after several players admitted they had already given up on FC 24 and stopped playing it altogether, citing repetitive gameplay and frustrating issues as their reasoning.

Whether or not that has a direct link to the sale we don't know, but it's interesting timing nevertheless.

On the plus side, it provides those who are yet to play it with a fantastic opportunity to save some money, especially with Christmas creeping closer and closer. Be sure to check out other great deals for FC 24 here!

The PlayStation offer ends on November 27, whilst the Xbox and Nintendo deals conclude on November 30 and December 3 respectively.

Have you ditched FC 24 already or will you be taking advantage of its price drop? Let us know.

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