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EA FC: Will Man United's Former No.1 Turn Up?

David De Gea EA FC
Credit: EA Sports

EA FC 24 has arrived via early access, with fans able to enjoy the latest changes to Career Mode or start their Ultimate Team journey where they can already complete some interesting SBCs like the De Bruyne Flashback. Still, some players are wondering - will David de Gea be in EA FC 24?

David de Gea's relative fall from grace is a tragic one. He spent 12 seasons at Manchester United after being poached by Sir Alex Ferguson in 2011 following an impressive string of performances for Atletico de Madrid between 2009 and 2011.

Now, at the relatively young age of 32 (for a goalkeeper, at least) David de Gea is a free agent, with the Red Devils disposing of his services due to inconsistent performances over the past few seasons with some errors that were borderline amateur, let alone for someone that represented one of the most important clubs in Europe.

Will David de Gea be in EA FC 24?

Whether is to stuff his card in an SBC in Ultimate Team or poach him as a decent free agent for a mid-table team in Career Mode, you might be wondering if David de Gea has somehow made it into EA FC 24.

Sadly as things stand, de Gea is nowhere to be seen in the game, being completely absent from both Ultimate and Career Mode.

Why is de Gea not in EA FC 24?

De Gea EA FC 24
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Credit: EA Sports
David de Gea is not happy about his exclusion!

Hard to say really since free agents have always been a thing in previous FIFA titles. It's surprising to see de Gea miss out this time. EA FC 24 is missing players such as Marco Verratti or Luis Suarez, who have transferred to leagues that are not licensed by EA Sports for instance, but these are completely different cases.

Perhaps to avoid an issue if de Gea goes the same route they've decided to exclude him completely.

Him turning up in some far-flung corner of the world - with obvious cash incentives - looks increasingly unlikely though, with recent reports stating that David de Gea is happy to hang up his gloves if he doesn't find a "major club" where he is guaranteed to be the no.1. The type of options only open to a man that has spent 11 years between the sticks for Man United, earning a reported 350K a week.

Regardless of his exclusion, you'll still be able to find top-talent in the goalkeeping department in EA FC 24 and of course, the best Spanish players are all part of the game as well.

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