Will Kenilworth Road be in EA Sports FC 24?

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EA Sports FC 24 Luton Town

The Premier League season is over, which means we now know the full line-up of teams that will feature in next season's top flight.

We also know which teams will have authentic stadiums in EA Sports FC 24, the brand-new game from EA.

Splitting away from FIFA for the first time, the new name doesn't mean mass changes are coming, with EA almost certain to keep their impressive unrivalled authenticity dialled up to 11.

With Luton Town now promoted to the Premier League, we want to take a look at whether their stadium will be added to EA Sports FC 24.

Will Kenilworth Road be in EA Sports FC 24?

Rather inexplicably, Luton Town have defied the odds and secured promotion to the Premier League, overcoming Coventry City in the final of the play-offs.

Football gamers will have been happy with either outcome, with the promotion of either time guaranteeing a new stadium will be added to EA Sports FC 24.

FIFA 23 Mpanzu Luton
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PREMIER LEAGUE DREAM - Luton Town are back in the big time

Every year for some time, EA has added new stadiums to the game according to those clubs that have been promoted to the top flight, and Luton Town are set to be no different.

Their home, Kenilworth Road, is certainly unique, but it will make for some incredible visuals when it comes to loading up EA Sports FC 24.

Scanning in this stadium may be a challenge for EA, with the unique arena likely to throw up some unexpected obstacles.

However, we're almost certain that EA will be adding the stadium to their new game, with recent form showing that the developer does not miss a beat when it comes to providing unrivalled authenticity.

When will new stadiums be added?

It's incredibly unlikely that Kenilworth Road will be in the game upon full launch.

This is due to the time and effort required to accurately scan in a new stadium and EA will need to give it some TLC in order to make sure the final product is spot on.

FIFA 23 Court Lane
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FAREWELL OLD FRIEND - Luton will wave goodbye to Court Lane

They will also have a limited timeframe, with groundworks also ongoing at Kenilworth Road in order to make it Premier League-ready.

As seen with Nottingham Forest's City Ground, Kenilworth Road will likely be added to the game towards the end of 2023/early 2024.


The delay may be longer due to the current work going on at the ground, but we're certain that EA will be putting plans in place right away.

EA Sports FC Nottingham Forest
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WAIT TIME - Luton fans will have to be patient, just like Forest fans were last season!

Fear not Luton fans, your stadium is guaranteed to be in EA Sports FC 24, you may just have to have a little patience!

We will update this page as soon as we know more about the arrival of Kenilworth Road in EA Sports FC 24.

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