Call of Duty: Warzone Strategy Guide - Tips to win a match in squads

Winning a match in a Battle Royale game is a difficult task.

Right now, the matches in Call of Duty: Warzone have about 150 players but only 3 of them get to win, so the odds are pretty low.

There may not be a full rulebook on how to win simply because there are a lot of factors involved in a match, including luck, but there are some tips that would definitely help you improve your placings and eventually get that much desired win.

These are some of the things to consider the next time you drop on Verdansk.

Make a plan fast

When starting a match, make sure you and your team decide quickly where to land.

Call of Duty Warzone Strategy Guide 3 things to win a match in squads plan
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WHERE TO? - The first minutes of the game are important

It is important to pick a location a bit far from the plane's route to avoid as many teams as possible at the beginning. That is a general rule on every Battle Royale game, unless your team feel like Rambo and want to go where everyone is dropping.

Gunfights at the beginning of the game with other teams will happen most of the time, so grabbing a gun should be a priority when looting. Don't be the guy that doesn't pick a gun just because he/she doesn't like it.

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If you die at the beginning of the game, there is still chance to go back to the field by winning the Gulag match or with the help of your teammates.

Be smart when rotating

Rotation is a huge part of Warzone, simply because it is almost impossible to survive outside the safe zone without a mask.

Call of Duty Warzone Strategy Guide 3 essential things to win a match in squads rotation
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GAS! - Vehicles could save you from the gas

If your team is far from the safe zone, taking a vehicle should be of their options. It doesnt matter if the vehicle shows up in the minimap, getting to a better position is a priority.

Rotating with the gas may not be the best strategy since there are usually other teams late at their rotation and an unwanted engagement could take place in the middle of that.

When rotating, be sure to pick top stops like rooftops. Use them as advantage point to either check the area or wait for teams that are running from the gas.

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Picking your gunfights wisely should be another thing to consider. If you see an enemy team in rotation, but your teammates are far behind, wait for them. If you are by yourself, maybe getting into a gunfight with three other players isn't the smartest move.

Use Killstreaks!

This is by far the best tip we can give you to win a match: Buy killstreaks and use them.

Call of Duty Warzone Strategy Guide 3 essential things to win a match in squads killstreaks 1
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INCOMING - Precision airstrikes can clear out some campers

Killstreaks have been one of the main ingredients of Call of Duty games for years and they are available in Warzone.

They can be crucial, so each member on your team should try to always have a killstreak available. UAVs are very useful when it comes to clear out areas after rotations, or to check if another team is pushing.

Another extremely useful killstreak is the precision airstrike. It can help you clear out rooftops, kill better positioned enemies, kill snipers that are way too far from your position, and a variety of other scenarios.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is available completely free for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. A recent update also introduced a new Solo mode for the Battle Royale section of the game.

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