Black Ops Cold War Season 3 has started

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Table of Contents

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 is out now and we have the full patch notes and everything! Check out what's in the new Battle Pass below, too.

LATEST - Season 3 Is Live Now

Your read that right! We might be in the throes of a Warzone "Nuke Event", but Black Ops Cold War's third season has started!


There's new Operators, weapons, maps... You know, all the usual awesome content. If you're interested, you can check out a run-through of the new Battle Pass below:

Wraith and Price '84 are available now, with the PPSh-41 (Tier 15) and Swiss K31 (Tier 31) free Battle Pass Rewards.

Update Download Size

Below are the download file sizes on all platforms:

  • PlayStation 5: 12.3 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 8.1 GB
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 11.6 GB
  • Xbox One: 8.3 GB
  • PC: 13.1 GB


Below, you can see the full roadmap for Black Ops Cold War Season 3 so that you know exactly what's included in the update.

Below, we'll break down all of the new features so that you can have more details on what's coming.

New Weapons

Below are all of the new weapons that are due to come to Black Ops Cold War, as well as Warzone, throughout Season 3.

We'll add guides on how to get them all as we figure it out.

  • PPSh-41: SMG - "Though its damage per shot is moderate, its rapid-fire, high-capacity capabilities encourage an aggressive playstyle ideal for leading the charge in objective modes and clearing out tight spaces in Warzone."
  • Swiss K31: Sniper Rifle - "This bolt-action sniper rifle boasts exceptional accuracy, as well as fast rechamber and aiming speeds with a large ammo capacity."
  • Ballistic Knife: Melee - "It is most effective at short ranges, but the most skilled Operators could theoretically land a deadly hit from extreme distances."
  • CARV.2: Tactical Rifle (later in the season) - "Boasting moderate firepower with solid recoil control and a large ammo pool, the CARV.2 cuts the deepest when used for mid- to long-range engagements."
  • AMP63: Pistol (later in the season) - "Slotting in as the fourth sidearm in Black Ops Cold War’s arsenal, this personal defense weapon is a cross between a self-loading pistol and a fully automatic SMG."

New Multiplayer Maps

Below are the maps that are coming to Black Ops Cold War's multiplayer throughout Season 3.

You can get more detail on what they actually include here.

  • Yamantau (6v6)
black ops cold war season 3
  • Diesel (6v6/2v2/3v3)
black ops cold war season 3
  • Standoff (6v6) - comes later in the season
black ops cold war season 3
  • Duga (Multi-Team) - comes later in the season
black ops cold war season 3


Below is a list of the new Operators in Black Ops Cold War Season 3 and what group they'll be a part of.

  • Wraith: Warsaw Pact
  • Knight: Warsaw Pact
  • Antonov: Warsaw Pact - later in the season

There is also a 1980s version of Captain Price, which will now be available in Black Ops Cold War, as well as Warzone.


New Multiplayer Mode

It also sounds like a battle royale mode or sorts will be coming to Black Ops Cold War at some point in Season 3.

The official description says the mode is one "where multiple teams of four will fight to survive ever-expanding radiation zones. Redeploys will be limited and loadouts will be restricted, so teams will need to scavenge for weapons, Scorestreaks, Armor, Redeploy Tickets, and more."

It sounds like standard battle royale stuff, but on a smaller map.

We'll have more information on it once it's fully detailed in a few weeks time.

Season 3 Prestige Emblems

There will also be four new Prestige emblems to earn in the game, which you can see below.

Season 3 black ops cold war
PRESTIGE EMBLEMS: Show off in style!


Finally, a few new features are coming to Zombies and Outbreak in Season 3. Below is everything that's new.

  • New Field Upgrade: Toxic Growth
  • New Outbreak Region: Duga
  • New Outbreak Vehicles: FAV and Cargo Truck
  • New Outbreak World Events

This is all on top of various new objectives and challenges that'll come to Outbreak throughout the new season.