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Comrades, the PPSh-41 is finally coming back to COD

The next Call of Duty Season is almost here and it's a big one. On top of the fact that we're getting a new Warzone map, the next season of Black Ops Cold War is bringing six new weapons to both of the Call of Duty experiences over the next few days.

Here's the latest on all of the new weapons coming to Call of Duty in Season 3.

LATEST - Three New Weapons Are Here

In a similar fashion to the previous seasons, Treyarch is drip-feeding their Season Three content throughout the duration of this season in an effort to keep their player-base engaged going forwards.

That means that only three of the six new weapons are available now.

The PPSh-41 is available at Tier 15 and the Swikk K31 and Ballistic Knife are both available via in-game challenges starting right now! There's also talk that Zombies-related Unlock Challenges are being added to the game for some of the older weapons, so this could be a good way to unlock these new pieces of equipment too.

Warzone Nuke Event Timings

Season 3 officially begins at 16:00 EST / 21:00 BST on April 22nd, but there's still a lot to do in Warzone ahead of that. In fact, there's a whole Four Stage event kicking off later today!

If the timings of the event weren't clear to you in the mysterious tweet above (let's be honest, it isn't), we have everything you need to know below:

  • Stage 1: 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST (April 21) to 17:00 EST / 22:00 BST (April 21)
  • Stage 2: 17:00 EST / 22:00 BST (April 21) to 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST (April 22)
  • Stage 3: 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST (April 22) to 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST (April 22)
  • Stage 4: 15:00 EST / 20:00 BST (April 22) to 16:00 EST / 21:00 BST (April 22)

New S3 Weapons: Launch Week

There are three weapons being added to the Black Ops Cold War arsenal in the Launch Week of Season Three.

PPSh-41 (SMG)

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 New Weapons PPSh SMG
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SPRAY AND PRAY - This iconic SMG is known for its high fire rate
" When you need to spit fire, pick up the PPSh-41 SMG, an absolute classic in the series. Though its damage per shot is moderate, its rapid-fire, high-capacity capabilities encourage an aggressive playstyle ideal for leading the charge in objective modes and clearing out tight spaces in Warzone."

This iconic weapon is going to be available to unlock for free at Tier 15 of the Season Three Battle Pass.

Swiss K31 (Sniper Rifle)

Black Ops Cold War New Season 3 Weapons Swiss Sniper Rifle
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AN OLDER RIFLE - It may be a relic of the Second World War, but it still packs a punch
" Precision and power. The Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle was made for one neutral country ready to rearm for world war, but will now find itself in the arsenals of the NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. This bolt-action sniper rifle boasts exceptional accuracy, as well as fast rechamber and aiming speeds with a large ammo capacity. Aggressive sharpshooters will be in their element with this new rifle, whether it’s sniping out in the wilds of Warzone or pushing forward on objectives in Black Ops Cold War. "

There is currently no specific mention of how to unlock this new weapon in Black Ops Cold War Season 3. This could mean it is an in-game challenge that is being added at the start of the season.

Ballistic Knife (Melee)

Black Ops Cold War New Season 3 Weapon Ballistic Knife
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NEAR, FAR, WHEREVER YOU ARE - The Ballistic Knife has the range
" A versatile weapon first introduced in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, this iteration of the Ballistic Knife is a rare piece of spy technology developed in the late 1970s by Soviet Forces.
The spring-action knife launcher can either be used as a melee weapon or to silently fire lethal retrievable blades. It is most effective at short ranges, but the most skilled Operators could theoretically land a deadly hit from extreme distances. Available in Black Ops Cold War at the launch of Season Three and in Warzone mid-season."

This Black Ops classic is going to be available via an in-game challenge at the start of Season 3. Alternatively, if you get a Store Bundle with a Blueprint in it will unlock.

New S3 Weapons: In-Season

In addition to the three new Season 3 weapons mentioned above, there will be another three weapons added to Season 3 throughout the season. This is similar to the way they're handling the new maps. There is no specific information as to when at the moment, but we can imagine Season 3 will get a "Reloaded" update in around six weeks with more information.

All three of the following weapons will be available via in-game challenges later in Season Three. Alternatively, if you purchase a Store Bundle that contains a Weapon Blueprint for any of the following, you will unlock access to the weapon.

CARV.2 (Tactical Rifle)

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 new weapons CARV 2 Tactical Rifle
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LONG BARREL - It is an unusual design, but it has a large ammo pool
" Carve through the competition with this burst-fire tactical rifle, joining the ranks of the M16 with its high-damage, high-bullet-velocity output. Boasting moderate firepower with solid recoil control and a large ammo pool, the CARV.2 cuts the deepest when used for mid- to long-range engagements."

AMP63 (Pistol)

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 new Weapons AMP63 Pistol
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AKIMBO AMPS? - This is going to shred through people, no matter the mode
" The Secondary category gets even deeper later in Season Three thanks to the AMP63 pistol. Slotting in as the fourth sidearm in Black Ops Cold War’s arsenal, this personal defence weapon is a cross between a self-loading pistol and a fully automatic SMG. Expect this weapon to output high amounts of damage in a short period of time thanks to its full-auto nature, which makes it highly effective in close quarters."

Baseball Bat (Melee)

Black Ops Cold War New Season 3 Weapons Baseball Bat Melee
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WHACK - This is going to be satisfying to use, isn't it...
" A classic bruiser’s weapon of war, and Black Ops Cold War’s newest addition for one-hit melee fans. Unlock the Baseball Bat in Season Three, and get out there and crack some skulls in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone."

Season Three Release Date

Black Ops Cold War Season 3 is due to start, introducing the new weapons and more, on April 22nd. This is just a few hours after the climactic "Nuke Event" in Warzone, undoubtedly the focus for Call of Duty players over the next couple of days.

Still, there is a whole host of new content coming to Black Ops Cold War in Season 3 as Call of Duty continues its biggest year ever! We can't say we're complaining.

You can read more about all the new content in the "Everything You Need To Know" post on the Call of Duty Blog here.

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