Skull Town's return to Apex Legends leads a massive patch

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Apex Legends will soon see the return of one of the most popular POIs of King's Canyon, Skull Town.

Table of Contents

This is just the first big announcement in a massive set of new Apex Legends patch notes, so let's dive in!

LATEST - Skull Town Will Now Be an Arena Map

Skull Town drops on Kings Canyon were some of the best and, as hard as we try, it doesn't look like the map is coming back in the same way that we knew it. Rather than revert to the Kings Canyon of old, Respawn Entertainment has opted to shake things up instead.


For days, Respawn Entertainment teased the return of Skull Town. Then, it turned to teasing Skull Town as an Arena exclusive map, and it's now official.

If you're a fan of Arenas, then it's your lucky day, but otherwise...

Apex Legends Update Patch Notes

The next Apex Legends patch will drop a ton of new content into the game, and its patch notes are quite a deep dive as a result.

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Rewards Track
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THE ROAD AHEAD: The Genesis Collection Event offers plenty for players willing to put in the work

Here are the biggest highlights:

  • Reveal of the Genesis Collection Event (kicking off on June 29)
  • Return of Skull Town as an Arena map
  • New Reward Track
  • New Revenant Heirloom
  • New Store Deals
  • Legend Buffs, Nerfs
  • Weapon Buffs, Nerfs
  • Arena balance changes around cost
  • Tons of bug fixes

Genesis Collection Event

If you're looking to pick up some brand new cosmetics in Apex Legends, you're in luck, Respawn Entertainment are coming through with the Genesis Collection Event, arriving on June 29.

Apex Legends drop ship
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LINE UP: It's almost showtime with the huge new Apex Legends update

This event gives players plenty to do until it ends on July 13th, things that can earn you some fantastic cosmetics along the way.