There's a new Legend Skin up for grabs in the Genesis Event Reward Track

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Respawn Entertainment are giving us another batch of freebies during the next Apex Legends event and we can't wait to get stuck into the Genesis Collection Event Reward Track. There's going to be a new Legend skin up for grabs and the Legacy Map Takeover seems like the perfect place to go after all the rewards on offer.

What Can You Get Out Of The New Reward Track?

As always, Respawn Entertainment is offering up a total of 16 free unlockables in the Genesis Event Reward Track. There's going to be four new Banner Badges too, which you can unlock via in-game Challenge. However, these seem secondary when you get a look at what else is on offer.

There's a few Weapon Charms up for grabs and several Banner Trackers, as you can see below. However, the "big hitters" are the Wattson Legend Skin, the Charge Rifle Skin, and the EVA-8 Skin.

Apex Legends Genesis Event Reward Track
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COME AND GET YA FREEBIES - There's always a few free things on offer

How do you complete this new Reward Track, you might be asking? Well...

You can complete in-game Challenges to earn up to 1,600 points towards the Reward Track every day. In addition to this, the in-game Challenges refresh every 24 hours. So, if there's something you don't fancy doing... You won't have to wait long for another option to pop up.

When Does The New Event Start?

Respawn Entertainment is throwing it back with the Genesis Collection Event next month and we can't wait. It's time to head back to the Season 0 Kings Canyon map and Season 3 World's Edge map in an event that promises to be one of the best yet!


There's going to be a new Arenas Map showcasing the best bits of Skull Town, a new set of cosmetics to unlock, and a series of balances and changes that are sticking around.

You'll be able to play everything new on June 29 and the event is expected to last two weeks; This means it's going to end on July 13th! It's time to go old school.

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