Apex Legends Skull Town is returning as a new Arena map

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The next Apex Legends Arena map will be the return of Skull Town, a map we last saw in Season 5.

Here's what we know so far about the return of Skull Town for Arena games, and the new Genesis Collection event in Apex Legends.

Latest - Genesis Collection Event Release Date Revealed

The next action in Apex Legends will be the Genesis Collection Event, and we now know when it will arrive, and what it will include.


Look out for the Genesis Collection Event kicking off on June 29th in Apex Legends, and check out what it has to offer in the new trailer below:

Apex Legends Skull Town

Skull Town has a long history in Apex Legends, and was removed in Season 5.

But the map is coming back to Apex this season, and with a recent Tweet, it looks like it'll be as an Arena map!

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event

Apex Legends is always moving forward with new content, whether that's new maps, new weapons, new skins, events, or balance changes.

The next thing on the horizon for Apex Legends will be the Genesis Collection Event.


The next Apex Legends Collection Event will arrive on June 29th, and run to July 13th.

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