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Apex Legends: Hack for how to get the damage badges

Apex Legends Longbow

Apex Legends might just be about the wins in the end, but collectibles are still a big part of the experience. Badges are a great way to show off and express yourself when added to your banner.

Legend's wrath IV is a badge that has evaded all but the most skilled players, since 4000 damage is needed in a single game. However, there might be a trick that will give you a leg up.

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Apex Legends Damage Badge Trick

iiTzTimmy on YouTube has revealed the best way to help rack up damage numbers in Apex Legends. While many players assume a fully auto AR or SMG is the strategy, Timmy has other ideas.

Apex Gameplay
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He has found that a long-range, high-damage rifle like the longbow is the best way to increase numbers. Because you can poke enemies from long distance, you then give them time to heal up before poking again.

Where straight-up engagements in Apex are often over quickly, a poke battle can endure, so overall damage numbers will be much higher. If you're accurate with your shots or have the skullpiercer upgrade, you'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Other Tricks to help

When you're aiming for total damage in a game, uptime is also key. You'll want to play aggressive, but play smart. This means you'll need to be ready to go at all times, but pick your battles, as you can't do damage when you're dead.

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Lethal equipment can also be very useful to bump up your poke damage, so it's never a bad call to save some backpack space for frags or thermite.

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