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Apex Legends Catalyst - Best Skins for the new Apex Legend

Apex Legends Catalyst release was pretty underwhelming considering the interest surrounding the character.

However, despite her underwhelming first couple of days, she does have some overwhelming skins.

Archon, Suns Up, and Blood Moon are some fan favourites which are getting some big plays in the field.

One thing that is undeniable about this new Legend is her style. And that is translated very well into her new skins too.

So, let's take a look at the best Catalyst skins from Apex Legends season 15, Eclipse.

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Apex Legends Catalyst Best Skins

Here are the best skins for the first-ever trans-Legend in Apex.

Archon Catalyst

Archon Catalyst from Apex Legends
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The Archon skin for Catalyst transforms her ferrofluid into a glowing blue colour which contrasts with her suit.

Her hair gains even more colour with a purple ombre effect.

She looks seriously cool in this skin and the extra detailing on her suit looks great.

Apex Catalyst Blood Moon

Blood Moon Catalyst
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Her blood moon skin is exactly what you would expect from hearing those two words together.

White, black, and hints of red are used in this suit to bring across the oriental design.

With a collar, cropped sleeves and metallic detailing, you would expect to see her as a champion in League of Legends.

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Suns Up

Suns Up Catalyst from Apex Legends
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Suns Up came as a skin included in the Catalyst release bundle in Apex Legends.

She takes a much warmer colour scheme with hues of orange and white too.

This looks like yet another oriental skin with tassles and longer sections of fabric.

Legacy of the Ancients Catalyst

Legacy of the Ancients Catalyst from Apex Legends
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Royalty and Riches are some key words which come to mind when looking at this skin.

With a gold, red, and blue colour scheme, she looks like she is wearing royal garb.

The Egyptian style really highlights her beauty and great designs.

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