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Apex Legends Catalyst- Best Legends for Good Synergy, Playstyles, and More

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Apex Legends Catalyst is due to be added to the game soon within season 15, Eclipse.

The techno-witch works best with other legends and isn't really one to be a lone wolf.

So, her defensive abilities work well with legends who have high mobility or other defensive abilities too.

Before she is released into the game, there has been speculation about which legends she works well with.

So, let's take a look at the best legends that Catalyst works well with and how their playstyles interlock in Apex Legends.

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Catalyst works well with these types of legends

Catalyst has many defensive abilities with her bullet-stopping wall, enemy-slowing spikes, and barricades.

Having a defensive legend works well with her kit due to the protection that they can provide for the damage dealers within the team.

However, she also works well with high-mobility legends who can dash in and out of a fight using defensive abilities as a boost.

So, her key playstyle is to protect her teammates and act as the defensive type of teammate.

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Which legends work well with her?

As high mobility and defence legends work best with Catalyst, there are many Apex legends who would work.

Additionally, we would be looking at Caustic or Wattson for defensive legends in Apex.

Caustic's traps would be perfectly paired with Catalyst's spikes. Slowing enemies and providing tick damage is a great combo.

Caustic from Apex Legends
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In terms of high mobility legends...

Octanes ultimate would work nicely with Catalyst's dark veil as he can use the element of surprise to jump over the wall.

However, these are just some initial thoughts on her kit.

As she develops and is accustomed to the arena in Apex Legends, we're sure that more legends will work well.

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