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WWE 2K22 MyFACTION: Steel Titans Pack delivers Chyna, Goldberg, Bayley and others

If you've been playing through WWE 2K22 MyFACTION, but don't have a lot to do at the moment, we have great news for you.

The latest packs to be revealed are the Steel Titans packs, which bring the 80 OVR Chyna to the platform. These aren't the only packs available either.

So, let's check out what's going on in MyFACTION this week.

Steel Titans Pack released on 6/17

The latest packs available in the Pack Market of WWE 2K22 MyFACTION are the Steel Titans. However, it's going to take some serious VC to purchase them.

For each basic pack, you'll be looking at 8200 MF or 11,250 VC per purchase. It might be better to purchase the Deluxe 10-Pack Box for 150K VC instead. This way you'll get a guaranteed Superstar Card each time.

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HERE THEY COME: Don't get in these Superstar's way in MyFACTION

Here are the Superstars available in the WWE 2K22 MyFACTION Steel Titans Pack:

  • Chyna - 80 OVR (Sapphire)
  • Braun Strowman - 79 OVR (Sapphire)
  • Bayley - 79 OVR (Sapphire)
  • Goldberg - 79 OVR (Sapphire)
  • Big Boss Man - 72 OVR (Sapphire)
  • "Demon" Finn Balor - 78 OVR (Emerald)
  • Bobby Lashley - 76 OVR (Emerald)
  • Mustafa Ali - 68 OVR (Emerald)
  • MVP - 68 OVR (Emerald)
  • Trent Seven - 64 OVR (Emerald)
  • Jey Uso - 70 OVR (Gold)
  • Jimmy Uso - 70 OVR (Gold)
  • Cedric Alexander - 65 OVR (Gold)
  • Nikki A.S.H - 65 OVR (Gold)
  • Shelton Benjamin - 64 OVR (Gold)
  • T-Bar - 63 OVR (Gold)
  • Reckoning - 62 OVR (Gold)
  • Mace - 59 OVR (Gold)
  • Isaiah "Swerve" Scott - 58 OVR (Gold)
  • Slapjack - 58 OVR (Gold)

Now, let's take a look at some of the previous WWE 2K22 MyFACTION releases including the latest Hell in a Cell cards.

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What to do in WWE 2K22 MyFACTION

This week there is a new Weekly Tower available, completing this Weekly Tower will earn you 800 MF points. If you complete the Week 18 Tower, you'll receive a free DX Legacy Pack.

Within those Legacy Packs, is the 75 OVR Shaun Michaels, the 74 OVR Rhea Ripley, and the 73 OVR Triple H, just to name a few.

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HELL IN A CELL: Don't forget to collect all of the Hell In A Cell cards for a 78 OVR Kane

The Hell In A Cell set is also still available in WWE 2K22 MyFACTION. If you collect all the cards listed below, you'll earn the 78 OVR Ruby Kane:

  • The Undertaker - 77 OVR (Sapphire)
  • Kevin Owens - 76 OVR (Emerald)
  • Charlotte Flair - 76 OVR (Emerald)
  • Randy Orton - 70 OVR (Gold)
  • Sasha Banks - 70 OVR (Gold)

Unfortunately, these packs haven't been marked down yet, so they're the same prices as the Steel Titans packs. Keep this in mind when purchasing packs in the WWE 2K22 MyFACTION Pack Market.

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