Cody Rhodes won't be in WWE 2K22, but hinted at being WWE 2K23 cover star

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With his sudden return at WrestleMania, fans have continued to clamor for any news about whether Cody Rhodes could make it into WWE 2K22.

With a new report and confirmation from the man himself, Cody Rhodes is now dropping hints about the WWE 2K23 cover star.

Cody Rhodes further confirms he won't make it into WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 was released back in early March, and since its arrival we've seen a very solid reception for a game that had massive pressure going into launch.

One way they've kept things going since that release is the addition of DLC and other new content, including making MyRISE exclusives into playable characters and beefing up MyGM.

With all that happening, it only increased rumors among fans that Cody Rhodes could be included as surprise DLC for WWE 2K22.

WWE 2K22 cody rhodes
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Unfortunately, the possibility of Rhodes making this year's title has pretty much been squashed, starting with a report by Mike Straw of SGO.

According to the report, "WWE tried" to get Cody Rhodes into the game despite knowing the timing likely wouldn't work out.

The amount of work that would need to be done from scans to commentary audio, not to mention the fact that Greg Hamilton (who does all ring announcer audio in WWE 2K22) no longer works for the company, it just wasn't feasible for "The American Nightmare" to make the cut.

Cody Rhodes comments hint at WWE 2K23 cover star

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin came when one Twitter user responded to the news about Cody not making it into WWE 2K22 by tagging the superstar and suggesting he be on the cover of WWE 2K23.

Cody Rhodes chose to then quote tweet the suggestion:

Just by interacting with a quote tweet about his absence from WWE 2K22, Cody Rhodes seemingly adds a bit more evidence to the reality that he won't make it into the current title.

The exciting part is that Cody Rhodes seems to suggest he may indeed be our WWE 2K23 cover star, and this is what that might look like:

WWE 2K23 cover star cody rhodes
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Nothing is confirmed, nor would he say it on Twitter even if he knew it was happening, but this alone is enough to start the speculation.

If we do indeed get Cody Rhodes as the WWE 2K23 cover star, the arrival of that news would vary depending on when the game itself is targeted for release.

Whether they return to a fall window or aim for March 2023, we expect to learn about the WWE 2K23 cover star at least a few months before the title's eventual release date.


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