World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Release Date: Details, End Date, Rewards, Progressions and more

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World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass has a release date, and it's sooner than you might think!

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Here's everything you need to know and more.

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Release Date


The Season 2 Battle Pass for World of Tanks will be kicking off on 11 June.

That means that you'll be able to take part in what's set to be one of the most exciting WoT seasons to date in just a few days!

But one question still remains...

When does it end?

The end date looks to be 8 September.

Now, this may seem like a long way away, but trust us, you'll have your work cut out to finish the Main Progression and the Elite Progression also.

There are 45 stages in the Main Progression alone!

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Release Date
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NEW STYLES: One of the rewards for completing the main progression


What's the price?

At the moment, there is no confirmation of the price of the battle pass, however we can make an informed guess based on previous passes.

Season 1 Battle Pass came in at roughly £20 ($26, €23), so it could potentially come at a similar price.

We'll have to wait a little while longer to get the confirmed details.


If the thrill of heading into the battlefield wasn't enough, there are countless rewards to be had in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

The reward are so extensive, we have a separate article dedicated to them!


Here are a few which really stand out.

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New Crew Members

After finishing the main progression, you'll have the choice between two new crew members.

They've got the brothers in arms perk, trained to 100%, and also have enough XP to train a couple of new skills or perks.

And of course, they've got their own style. Improved Pass holders can get a 2nd style, but all players are limited to one crew member. Choose wisely!

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards 2
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THINK-ITOVA: Which crew member will you choose?


Bounty Optics

These were introduced in Season 2 and look like one of the best rewards in the Battle Pass.

Attach them, upgrade them, and use them to your advantage on the battlefield!

bounty optic
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A VIEW TO A KILL: These are sure to be highly sought after in the Battle Pass

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