World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass: Rewards, Bounty Optics, New Crew Members, Bonus Missions, New Styles & more

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It's coming soon and it looks a blast! Here's everything you need to know about the World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass rewards!

Release Date

Running for three months, the Season 2 Battle Pass will commence on 11 June.


The end date is quoted to be 8 September, but remember that the grind will be well worth it!

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With almost every battle pass, there are some seriously enticing rewards to keep players coming back to the battlefield.

And it's safe to say there are a ton of rewards to be had in this addition.

There is the 'main progression' and 'elite progression' in the battle pass.

Main Progression Rewards

The main progression has 45 stages and you'll have to earn 50 points per stage to advance.

Let's take a closer look at some of the rewards you can get!

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards
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IMMERSIVE: The new battle pass rewards look set to keep players coming back for more!


Days of World of Tanks Premium Account

Be in with a chance to get the premium experience in World of Tanks, along with the host of benefits & bonuses that come with it.


Load up on credits and spend them on equipment, modules, tanks, and more!

Blueprint Fragments

The ultimate reward, these fragments give you an XP discount on vehicles you're researching. Check out our guide to getting Blueprints right here.

Unique 2D customizations & Projection Decals

There's more amazing customizations on the way, which will certainly make you stand out from the pack!


Training Booklets

These bad-boys provide you with a large amount of Crew XP!

Personal Reserves

You'll be rewarded with these bonuses, perfect for farming experience and credits!

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Improved Pass Rewards

There are a number of improved rewards, that you can earn if you purchase the Improved Pass.

Let's take a look at some of the rewards in store.

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards
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REWARDS INCOMING! With the Improved Pass, you'll get some real showstoppers

Bounty Optics

The new addition to Season 2 is most likely going to be highly sought after.

bounty optic
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MOST WANTED: These bounty optics will be well worth having on your vehicle

Personal Training Manuals

Get the fixed amount of XP for one of your loyal crew members.


Personal Reserves for Credits

It's all about those credits, with this very welcome reward.

Main Reward

If you complete all 45 stages, you'll win a medal and the main reward! You'll get one of two styles.


This awesome style is for the TVP T5051 and looks the business. Check it out below.

Battle Pass Rewards
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IT'S GOING DOWN: Rain down on your enemies with style!


This style for the Patton is another amazing looking reward for completing the main progression.

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards 1
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BELLS & WHISTLES: This style has some serious personality


New Crew Members

Once you've beaten the main progression, you'll be able to recruit one of two new crew members.

They both have the brothers in arms perk, trained to 100%, in addition to having enough XP to train a couple of new skills or perks!

They also come with their own style, although you'll also get a 2nd style if you have the Improved Pass. Choose wisely - you can only pick one!

World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards 2
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TOUGH CHOICE: Which crew member will you pick?


TVP or Patton Rewards

Once you pick a crew member, you'll either join the TVP of Patton's team - and this is where it gets interesting!

Once the season is over, the team with the most players will have access to a mission for double combat XP, which can be completed multiple times using tier 4 - 10 vehicles.

Whichever team has fewer players, gets access to a mission for double crew experience, which can also be replayed with tier 4 - 10 vehicles.

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How to get rewards quicker

If you have the Improved Pass, you can purchase an option that will allow you to advance 20 stages in the first 2 months of the season.

During the last month, you can purchase any number of stages.


Elite Progression

After you've completed the Main Progression, you'll be able to take part in the Elite Progression.


You'll get 25 bonds per stage, and you'll also receive a staggering 250 bonds for every 10 stages completed.

Dynamic Badge

Your progress won't go unnoticed, you'll have your own dynamic badge which reflects your progress through the Elite Progression.

This stays with you until the end of the season. Wear it with pride!


Special Decals

These decals will remain with you, however, and will be earned when you reach specific stages of the Elite Progression.

There's everything you need to know about World of Tanks Season 2 Battle Pass Rewards. For all the latest on World of Tanks, be sure to check back in with us!