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World of Tanks Console: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, cross platform, crossplay, next gen & more

World of Tanks is a massive multiplayer wargame where players fight it out in some of the most iconic tanks from history.

It's a free to play game, but there are purchases that players can make to speed up their growth.

Let's go over everything World of Tanks brings to consoles, including PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and more.

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World of Tanks on Xbox 360

World of tanks best heavy tank 2
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POWERHOUSE: World of Tanks officially made its console debut on the Xbox 360

Xbox 360 would get its own exclusive version of World of Tanks in 2013 with World of Tanks: Xbox 360 edition, the first console port for the series.


This release would be important for World of Tanks to expand its audience and make a statement to players that this was no PC exclusive series.

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World of Tanks on Xbox One

world of tanks xbox one
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TOTAL COVERAGE BY MICROSOFT: Once World of Tanks reached Xbox One, it also was available on PC and Xbox 360


World of Tanks released its console version World of Tanks: Mercenaries on Xbox One on 28 July 2015.

While the original version had been on PC for 5 years, and the Xbox 360 edition had been available for 2 years, this was a huge upgrade to bring the series to modern console tech.

This potential was made even better with crossplay, but we'll get to that.

World of Tanks on PS4

World of Tanks PS4
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PATIENCE: Despite the long wait, fans were excited to finally receive World of Tanks on PS4


World of Tanks may have debuted on console in 2015 with World of Tanks: Mercenaries on the Xbox One, but it would be a bit longer before World of Tanks: Mercenaries made its way to the PS4.

The game officially released on PS4 in 2018.

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World of Tanks Crossplay, cross platform

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LIMITATIONS: Crossplay is unfortunately only available for World of Tanks between Xbox 360 and Xbox One


World of Tanks has very active playerbases across all of the mediums that carry the game. Because of this, many players really want cross platform potential to be realized.

Unfortunately World of Tanks is only available crossplatform via crossplay between Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles, with no crossover to PC or PS4.

World of Tanks on next gen: PS5 and Xbox Series X

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WHERE NEXT?: Where will World of Tanks expand to next?


Some fans may hope for more come next generation consoles, possibly seeing World of Tanks with all the strength of next gen processing power.

But with the differences in Xbox Series X and PS5 in comparison to older gen consoles, we'd expect World of Tanks to either never get a next gen port, or at least have to wait a long time before achieving it.

If the porting process follows suit with the releases for Xbox One and PS4, one next gen console would likely get the game long before the other.

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