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Riot Games Patches Valorant Coaching Bug

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A bug in Valorant has let coaches see the position of all agents in-game, including enemies. This has been pointed out to Riot who found the bug and have managed to fix it.

Since the announcement, the bug has been fixed on both live and esports servers, but agents are not happy about the mess it caused. Players have also questioned the integrity of the VCT and whether this bug was used.

This bug has been around since the start of the year but has now finally got the fix that it needs. But with this game-changing bug now gone, what made it so bad?

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The Valorant bug

The bug was an issue and gave advantages to whoever had it. It allowed esports coaches sitting in the spectator spot to see dots showing the enemy team's location.

The bug didn't feature in every game but sporadically showed up and made matches restart. There were also several variations of the bug, but the enemy vision variation is arguably the worst.

Coaches reactions

Several prominent people in the Valorant esports scene have commented on the bug through Twitter.

Ian Harding tweeted that he had a similar bug that wasn't the enemy spotting variation. Perhaps his bug was a variant of the overall bug that changed Valorant esports.

However, TSM In0X has posted a tweet showing a video of the bug in one of his games. He stated that...

"I think this is a huge liability for tournaments and needs to be resolved ASAP since coach monitoring is really loose."

Riot soon responded to these claims and the bug was officially fixed on July 1 2022. They are especially good at ironing out bugs in their games quickly. Especially when it is affecting professional players.

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