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How to touch gloves in UFC 5

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UFC 5: Players performing the gloves touch

EA Sports UFC 5 is finally here, so it's time to learn how basic game mechanics work. In this guide, we’ll explain how to touch gloves in UFC 5.

The gloves touch feature was introduced in UFC 3 and has become an integral part of the gameplay. It allows players to show respect to their opponent or to surprise them with a powerful first punch. It is easy to do and can give you a slight advantage early in the fight in UFC 5.

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How to touch gloves in UFC 5

UFC 5: Players are about to fight
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Fortunately for those who have played the previous games in the series, you can perform the gloves touch in a similar way:

  • Hold L2 (or LT, depending on the console you're playing on) and walk towards your opponent at the start of the fight.

BE CAREFUL: There will always be online players who will use glove touch to their advantage, catching you off guard and using dirty tactics. Watch your opponent's actions and if you see them looking for an easy hit, dodge or strike first.

Fans who have experience playing UFC online know that the vast majority of players will use a sneaky imitation of a glove touch as an opportunity to throw the first punch.

Taunting & Staredown in UFC 5

To perform your pre-fight taunt, simply press one of the four D-pad directions before or at the start of the match. You can also use taunts during the fight, for example when your opponent is on the ground or far away from you.

It is all you need to know about Touch Gloves in UFC 5. Good luck!

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