Black Friday 2019: The top Nintendo Switch Deals UK – 70% off games, consoles, Switch Lite, NES & SNES Mini

If you want to make the most of the annual shopping holiday, then bag yourself a cheap Switch.

Black Friday is finally here and there are plenty of Nintendo Switch deals to choose from!

Keep reading for a breakdown of all the best deals for the Switch, Switch Lite, games and retro Nintendo consoles that are available this Black Friday.

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The best deals so far

There are a few decent bundles doing the rounds in the UK at the moment:

Amazon has just launched a range of new Switch bundles, but most of these are floating around their expected price of £299.99 (albeit a few good offers if you can’t wait for the official Black Friday deals). 

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There are also pairs of Nintendo Switch games up for grabs, too, such as Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield for £84.99.

Apologies to our US-based readers – there’s nothing on offer, at least not since Walmart’s deals ended.

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Discounted Games

As is previously mentioned, there are pairs of Nintendo Switch games up for grabs.

Last year in the UK, many of the console’s first-party titles were reduced to £40 and below, but other offers on individual games were slightly underwhelming.

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This year, Base has listed The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening for £39.85, which can be bought together with the Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon for just £229.99.

Switch Lite

By the time Black Friday is upon us, the Nintendo Switch Lite will only have been on sale for a few months, so you probably shouldn’t expect any sort of major price drop on the console.

The Lite model already launched at a lower price than the standard Switch did, in order to provide an entry point for those new to the Switch, or for those who want to play in only handheld mode.

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In this sense, the Switch Lite is already a bargain, but I won’t be surprised if there are some deals featuring premium Switch games closer to Black Friday.


Scarcity of stock was a massive limiter last year, so we are hopeful that we could see a small discount on the pair of retro consoles this year.

Either way, they are the perfect gift item, so consider picking one up as a Christmas present if it doesn’t make it into your Black Friday shopping cart.

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