Street Fighter 6 Tournament Host Forgets to Turn Off Chun-Li Nude Mod

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Street Fighter 6 tournament host forgets to turn off Chun-Li nude mod
Credit: NicholasDeOrio

A Street Fighter 6 tournament was abruptly interrupted when a game opened to a shocking sight. Chun-Li, a fan-favourite character of the franchise, appeared on the battlefield completely unclothed, stunning the audience, casters, and competitors alike.

Street Fighter 6 has become one of the hottest fighting games in current times, amassing over 1 million players within three days of its release. With its massive popularity, it's no wonder that there are numerous tournaments for players to participate in and showcase their skills. Corner2Corner, in particular, was hosting its third tournament of the season when this unfortunate NSFW moment occurred.

Street Fighter 6 tournament was interrupted by a nude Chun-Li mod

Excitement was buzzing as the highly-rated Street Fighter 6 players, Lensta and Packz, prepared to face off in a heated match. However, this excitement quickly turned to horror when the casters were rendered speechless by the shocking sight of a nude Chun-Li on their screens. It quickly became evident that the tournament host forgot to disable his nude mods.

A screenshot of the Cover2Cover tournament featuring a matchup between Chun-Li and Kimberly.
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Credit: NicholasDeOrio on Twitter

After a brief pause and palpable bewilderment, the casters scrambled to salvage the situation as best they could. "That's a very interesting Chun-Li costume there…" one of the casters managed to remark as they devolved into a fit of giggles, struggling to process what had just happened. The players were also visibly perplexed, as seen by their stuttered movements before the scene faded to black and transitioned back to the standings table.

You can watch this whole debacle unfold in a video shared on Twitter by NicholasDeOrio. Be warned that the clip is not workplace friendly!

A screenshot of Street Fighter character, Chun-Li.
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Credit: Street Fighter

Twitter comments highlight the overwhelming embarrassment and horror that the host must have felt during the incident. Some users express empathy, stating that if they were in the host's shoes, they would seek refuge in “the woods” and deactivate all social media accounts, believing there would be no recovery from such a situation. On the flip side, many users commended the casters for their handling of the situation, recognising their efforts to salvage the broadcast amidst the unexpected circumstances.

As of publication, the Corner2Corner Twitch channel doesn't appear to have been flagged in any way. However, it is speculated that the channel may be at risk of facing dire consequences, including a potential ban. According to Twitch's guidelines, Twitch strictly prohibits any content containing depictions of real nudity, even if it's realistically doctored or partially censored with techniques like pixelisation, mosaics, or blurring effects.

However, some suggest that the channel will most likely escape a ban, as the NSFW scene, albeit unexpected, was completely accidental.

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