All Evo 2023 Results

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Evo 2023 results
Credit: Evo

Evo 2023 did not disappoint. Right from the first day we saw many incredible matches, shocking upsets, and glimpses at the future of fighting games with reveals like Project L's Yasuo, more Tekken 8 characters, and more.

Still, the most important thing for fans is seeing who comes out on top in their favourite game, especially since Evo 2023 is the debut of Street Fighter 6 and the final time we could potentially see other crowd-pleasing titles like Tekken 7.

In total, eight main games were selected to compete at Evo 2023. Based on the number of entrants, four of those were played on Sunday, aptly dubbed Sunday Finals for most.

Still, even the Saturday finals had tons of exciting moments worth remembering. Having said that, let's take a look at the final results of Evo 2023.

Evo 2023 Top 6 results

For this year, all Evo 2023 main events transitioned from a Top 8 to a Top 6 setting to save time since previous years the event had faced massive scheduling issues.

With that said, here are all the Top 6 results for all main Evo 2023 games.

Street Fighter 6

  • 1st.- AngryBird: $20k
  • 2nd.- MenaRD: $15k
  • 3rd.- PunkDaGod: $10k
  • 4th.- Tokido: $7k
  • 5th.- Haitani: $4k
  • 5th.- Kakeru: $4k

Guilty Gear Strive

  • 1st.- Leffen: $10k
  • 2nd.- NBNHMR: $5K
  • 3rd.- Daru_I-NO: $3.7k
  • 4th.- UMISHO: $2.5k
  • 5th.- Tyurara: $1.5k
  • 5th.- Verix. $1.5k

Tekken 7

  • 1st.- Arslan Ash: $10k
  • 2nd.-AO: $5k
  • 3rd.- ULSAN: $3.7k
  • 4th.- Genghis D0n: $2.5k
  • 5th.-Meo-IL: $1.5k
  • 5th.-Anakin: $1.5k

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  • 1st.- Jibrill: $10k
  • 2nd.- Evasion: $5k
  • 3rd.- Kane Blueriver: $3.7k
  • 4th.- Liberal Terminator: $2.5k
  • 5th.-Mundank: $1.5k
  • 5th.-Spartan Throne: $2.5k

Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • 1st.- Hikari: $10k
  • 2nd.- Yasha: $5k
  • 3rd.- Nitro: $3.7k
  • 4th.-Gropis: $2.5k
  • 5th.- Kite: $1.5k
  • 5th.- Garlic Bread: $1.5k

The King of Fighters XV

  • 1st.- Xiao Hai: $10k
  • 2nd.- E.T: $5k
  • 3rd.- mok: $3.7k
  • 4th.- Wero Asamiya: $2.5k
  • 5th.- MadKof: $1.5k
  • 5th.- Lacid: $1.5k

Melty Blood: Type Lumina

  • 1st.- Moai: $10k
  • 2nd.- Dai: $5k
  • 3rd.-Jimmyjtran: $3.7k
  • 4th.- Jing: $2.5k
  • 5th.- KR_WrestlingMan: $1.5k
  • 5th.- ScrawtVermillion: $1.5k

Mortal Kombat 11

  • 1st.- Ninjakilla_212: $10k
  • 2nd.- Nicolas: $5k
  • 3rd.- Scorpionprocs: $3.7k
  • 4th.- A F0xy Grampa: $2.5k
  • 5th.- TheMightyUnjust: $1.5k
  • 5th.- Xombat: $1.5k

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