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Lewis Hamilton is coming to Rocket League!

Rocket League Lewis Hamilton bundle

Rocket League has announced yet another exciting and unexpected crossover. Just a little over one week after Lightning McQueen arrived at the game, Rocket League is now welcoming F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and Rocket League have joined forces to bring fans a unique car skin. This skin looks splendid, features some one-of-a-kind animations, and will make you stand out every time you enter the arena.

So, let's find out everything about the Rocket League Lewis Hamilton bundle, starting with its release date.

Lewis Hamilton bundle release date

The Rocket League Lewis Hamilton bundle arrives at the game on 15 November and will be live until 30 November. As mentioned above, this bundle brings a unique skin that players will be able to acquire in the game shop, for an undisclosed amount.

Rocket League Lewis Hamilton skin
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We can't guarantee that this skin will give you the driving abilities of seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, but it will certainly make you look cool. The unique design of this skin makes it stand out even among other incredible-looking skins, such as the NASCAR and Puma Crossover skins.

Bundle price and other content

Unfortunately, we still don't know how much the Lewis Hamilton skin will cost, and if buying it from the store will be the only way to acquire it. However, we expect it to cost as much as the Lightning McQueen bundle, so around 2500 Rocket League credits.

Lewis Hamilton Rocket League bundle skin
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The Lewis Hamilton bundle will most likely bring more than just one skin, introducing some decals, customized wheels, new goal explosions, and perhaps even a Player Banner.

We will update this article with more information about the bundle when it's released, so make sure to bookmark it.

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