PES 2021 Demo: Gameplay, Graphics, Game Modes, Next Gen, Clubs, Transfers & more

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Konami made great strides in levelling the playing field with EA last year, so what will the new game have in store?

It is a massive year for both FIFA and PES franchises with the next gen consoles arriving, so what will PES do to keep closing the gap?

Our first taste of the new game arrives in the form of the PES 2021 Demo. This arrives too early for PS5 and Xbox Series X but could give us some clues as to how PES 2021 will look when it is released.

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When can we play the Demo?

The end of July!

We will not have to wait too much longer for our first taste of PES 2021 with the Demo set for release around Tuesday, 28 July.

Last year, Konami released the PES 2020 Demo at the end of July, and we expect this year to follow that trend.

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The Demo will of course be too early for next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X.

However, PS4 and Xbox One players can still get a preview of what PES 2021 will look like as the Demo will be available on both consoles.

PES 2020 snapshot of Leo Messi
THE GOAT! The PES 2021 Demo is the first chance we will get to see the new graphics and gameplay

PC players can also get in on the action as the PES 2021 will be available for download through Steam.

Game Modes

Last year, Konami kept their game modes under wraps with just Quick Match and Match Day modes available.

Expect more of the same this year as PES will continue to close the gap on FIFA with their much-improved Master League a huge success.

PES Master League 2020 Diego Maradonna
HAND OF GOD! Diego Maradona featured in PES 2020 Master League as it overshadowed FIFA Career Mode last year.

The PES 2021 Demo is likely to just see the Quick Match and Match Day modes once more as players can test the new gameplay and graphics for the first time.

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One of the biggest talking points last year was the introduction of ‘Piemonte Calcio’ on FIFA 20.

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This happened because Konami pulled off an exclusive licensing deal for Juventus, taking the Italian club and former FIFA cover star Cristiano Ronaldo from EA.

ronaldo pes 2020
CR7. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has featured on the cover of PES before, will we see him as the main star once more?

PES 2020 featured a number of licensed clubs, including Spanish champions Barcelona, German giants Bayern and a host of other top clubs.

PES also have the license for the whole of Ligue 1 and Serie A, as well as the Brazilian league! Which of these teams will be available on the Demo remains to be seen.

The teams available on last year’s Demo were; Arsenal, Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, Boca Juniors, Colo-Colo, Corinthians, Flamengo, Palmeiras, River Plate, Sāo Paulo, Vasco Da Gama.

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