Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Preload: How to Preload & Release Times

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Pokemon is a franchise that has been going for a long time and is one of Nintendo's most prized series. With tonnes of games, cards and TV behind it, it only continues to get bigger and better. Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond are a great expression of this. This is how you preload it and how big the game is.

Pokemon Shining Diamond & Brilliant Pearl Release Date & Time

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will both finally launch on Friday, November 19th. This leaves just over 16 years between them and the original launch back in 2005.

After all these years of waiting, there are some new features to get used to. You may want to get the game ready in advance to get started as soon as possible.

The game's release time will be dependant on your own time zone. Diamond and Pearl are set to unlock around midnight so make sure to stay up for that. If it doesn't unlock for any reason, just give it an hour or two and try again. It should sort itself out.

How to Preload Pokemon Shining Diamond and Brilliant Pearl


Preloading the game is actually very easy. Just go into the eshop on your Switch and preorder the game. From here, you can click to install and it will automatically get it ready for you. You may need to update it again on the day or the moment it goes live to get the latest patches but you won't need to do much more.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl download size

Both versions of the game have a file size of around 6.7GB. This isn't a huge game but you may be better off with a micro SD card beforehand to stop you from getting to the night and not having the storage for it.

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