25th Anniversary Pokemon Presents Announcements

Pokemon Presents don't happen very often so when they do, everyone gets very excited.

Below we have everything that was announced during the February 2021 Pokemon Presents presentation.

Pokemon Snap Update

Firstly, we managed to get a fresh look at the New Pokemon Snap game that's coming to Nintendo Switch consoles soon!

Pokemon Presents New Pokemon Snap Professor
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SNAP - An update for New Pokemon Snap showcases updates and gameplay

New Pokemon Snap features a whole host of ways to take photos of all your favourite Pokemon.

There's a scoring system, rivalries, and a new way to light up your Pokemon and your shots! Check out everything in the trailer below:

Unexplored Islands and mythical Pokemon are waiting for Nintendo Switch players on April 30th!

Pokemon Day In-Game Events

Pokemon Go, Cafe Mix, and Sword and Shield are all getting in-game events celebrating Pokemon Day.

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This includes exclusive challenges and rewards, including some exciting appearances from Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go!

Sinnoh Region Remakes?

It's finally here! The Diamon and Pearl Sinnoh Region remakes that have been rumoured for so long have finally been announced by The Pokemon Company at today's Pokemon Presents presentation.

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Relive the adventures of 2007 once more in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, both out in late 2021.

This game is the perfect Pokemon game for old fans and new as the Sinnoh Region storyline is one of the best in the series and many regard the fourth generation of Pokemon in a similar light.

Pokemon Presents
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IT'S HERE! - Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remasters are on the way late 2021

What's even better is that there isn't even that long to wait. Pokemon Shining Pearl and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond will be releasing late 2021.

Open World Pokemon?

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a brand-new Pokemon game that features open-world gameplay in a Sinnoh Region that we've never seen before!

Arceus, the Legendary God of Pokemon, is central to this brand new Pokemon adventure.

It is set in the past where Pokemon are still roaming the wild and you are tasked with being one of the first Trainers to survey the region and gather Pokedex information on all the creatures who inhabit it.

That isn't all though... A great power looms over Sinnoh in the form of Legendary Pokemon Arceus. Check out a look at them below:

Pokemon Presents Legends Arceus
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GOD - This is one of the most Legendary Pokemon in the series

Pokemon Legends Arceus is an open-world Pokemon title set in Fuedal Sinnoh.

Although the gameplay will largely be the same and it doesn't feature a fully-new roster of Pokemon, it is an important step in developing and refreshing the tired turn-based Pokemon gameplay of the past.

Below you can find the official first look:

Pokemon Legends Arceus will launch globally in 2022.

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