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Nintendo Direct: Date, Time, Rumours & More.

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As we unwind after Summer Game Fest, gamers across the world can take the time to reflect on all the reveals and announcements shown across the various events. There was one glaring omission from this year's E3 replacement, however, and that's a Nintendo Direct.

Similar to Sony's State of Play events, Nintendo Directs are where all the latest Switch games are revealed and showcased ahead of their debut on the console. Here is all the info we have on the next showcase.

LATEST - Nintendo Announce A Mini Nintendo Direct

As confirmed by Nintendo of America earlier today, there will be a third-party Nintendo Direct Mini on Tuesday, 28th June 2022. Due to the event being focused on third-party Nintendo Switch games, it is very unlikely that any information regarding anticipated games like the sequel to Breath of the Wild will be shown. Expectations should be tempered ahead of the showcase tomorrow.

When is the Next Nintendo Direct?

The next Direct isn't officially announced as of yet but according to Sony Santa Monica Game Writer and former journalist Alanah Pearce, the date we can expect to see the next Direct is June 29th, 2022.

This was then added on to by Video Games Chronicle (VGC), who confirmed that the date mentioned by Pearce matched what they had been told by their sources as well.

So with two separate sources confirming the same date, it seems likely that June 29th is the next time Nintendo will grace our screens but it's hard to know for sure until it's confirmed by the company itself.

What Will be Shown at Nintendo Direct?

Mario Strikers Battle League Shown at the last Nintendo Direct.
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It is not clear what this new Nintendo Direct will show us just yet but due to it happening in June, it should be expected to show some exciting titles that are set to come out within the next 12 months to build anticipation for the Christmas period and beyond.

Some good guesses as to what Nintendo has in store actually appeared at the Summer Game Fest showcase on June 9th with a small "coming soon" showreel displaying Splatoon 3, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Cuphead The Delicious Last Course, Capcom Fighting Collection and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Other titles could include recently released games such as Mario Strikers Battle League to try and push sales.

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