God of War Ragnarök: Release Date, State of Play & More

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For fans of Sony's PlayStation consoles, there is no game more anticipated than Santa Monica Studio's God of War Ragnarök.

The sequel to 2018's God of War, Ragnarök is set to take Kratos and his son Atreus on another adventure through Norse mythology as the apocalyptic scenario the game gets its title from is set to occur.

With all this anticipation though, when can PS5 players get their hands on the game? Here is what we know so far.

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*LATEST* Head of Xbox Phil Spencer's Most Anticipated Game

In a reply to the official Xbox Twitter account that posted a list of questions for users to answer about their gaming history and future, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer decided to join in on the fun, by posting his selection of games.

One of these answers seemed to be quite controversial among the die-hard console warriors of Twitter, that being Spencer's most anticipated game which he stated as God of War Ragnarök. Some Xbox fans took offence to the response, claiming that the answer should have been an Xbox exclusive. Luckily, this only seems to be a loud minority, with most people enjoying the show of respect for the upcoming game.


God of War Ragnarök Upgrade Price Revealed.

While the excitement surrounding the game is growing more and more ahead of its release, there is one small point of controversy around God of War Ragnarök and it's one that PlayStation gamers will be familiar with. Cross-gen upgrades.

The upgrade will cost £10, much like previous titles. This decision has proven to be quite the controversial one this generation, with companies like Xbox offering free upgrades and PS5's continued stock issues limiting people to the past-gen versions of major titles.

God of War Ragnarök's Release Date Revealed

God of War Ragnarök Key Art
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God of War Ragnarök has finally gotten an official release date from PlayStation after a week-long delay of its announcement from Sony.

The brand new date for God of War Ragnarök is Wednesday, 9th November 2022 as revaled in the cinematic trailer titled "Father and son"


Collector's Edition

Also revealed alongside the new release date for God of War Ragnarök was the two special editions fans can get their hands on starting July 15th at 10am local time (10am EST for the U,S).

The two versions of the game are the collector's edition and the Jotnar edition, both of which have an assortment of physical items to accompany the game for the most loyal of fans.

God of War Ragnarök Jotnar Edition
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The Jotnar edition is the bigger of the two editions and while both features a 16 inch replica of Thor's hammer Mjölnir alongside some in-game items, a Knowledge Keeper's Shrine Box to keep it in, a polyhedral dice set, a cloth map, a ring, Vanir Twins carvings, a steelbook, some pins and a vinyl record set of the game's OST.

Cory Balrog Asks Fans to Be Patient.

Despite the reports suggesting an official reveal for God of War Ragnarök was coming today, that might no longer be the case according to Cory Balrog.

On his Twitter page, Balrog tweeted out an apology to fans about the lack of info for God of War Ragnarök, saying that "it's not up to me" about what is shown and when.


This seems to suggest that it's Sony making the decision to delay any announcements on the game, which seems like an unusual choice given how big this title is going to be for the PS5 later in the year.


Cory Balrog Teases Playing God of War Ragnarök on his PS5

The flow of news surrounding God of War Ragnarök has seemingly slowed down to a crawl as of late with no real updates on the game despite the Bloomberg report's suggestion that we would be hearing more by the end of June if plans hadn't changed.

There is one beacon of hope left for the upcoming title, however, and that's Sony Santa Monica director and the game's producer, Cory Balrog. Balrog's Twitter has been sprinkled with the occasional hint about God of War Ragnarök, usually suggesting that a 2022 date is still happening. His most recent, however, is the biggest suggestion so far.

Balrog tweeted out an image of himself holding a PS5 controller with a blurred-out Steam Deck in the background. The caption of the tweet is the most interesting part, saying that Balrog finally got a Steam Deck but cannot test it out due to him "playing this other thing...".

This tease for God of War Ragnarök suggests that the game is at least being playtested internally, which suggests that development is pretty far along and could further support that release date of 2022.

God of War Ragnarök is Slated for November 2022. Reveal For End of June.

According to a report via Bloomberg, we won't have to wait long for the next God of War game as the title is currently slated for November 2022, despite recent reports suggesting that a delay to 2023 was in the cards.


According to the highly reputable Jason Schreier, while writing for Bloomberg, God of War Ragnarök will be releasing in November according to three people close to the game's development.


Two of the three of those people have also said the announcement is expected later in this month, presumably via some kind of State of Play event dedicated to just God of War Ragnarök.

Schreier does mention that there is still a chance of it being delayed but as of this week, the plans are still for a November release of God of War Ragnarök.

God of War Ragnarök Gets a Placeholder Release Date?

As we eagerly await an announcement for God of War Ragnarök's release date, many fans are beginning to speculate when the next instalment of Kratos' journey will arrive, something that the Twitter account @PlayStationSize has now added onto.

The tweet mentions that a new placeholder date of December 31st 2022 has been assigned to the game. It is currently not fully clear where PlayStationSize got this date from as they didn't point out a direct source but they do have a good track record when it comes to their accuracy.


This new date has led to a bit of a divide in fans. Nobody is able to decide whether or not this new placeholder means a delay to 2023 or just a Q4 2022 release date but in reality, we won't know anything until it's officially confirmed. PlayStation Size seems to believe in the 2022 date still standing, however. There does seem to be a lot of conflicting information regarding this date still though right now at least, it seems like 2022 is still on.

The placeholder date of December 31st is commonly used for video games, often attached to titles that only have a release year confirmed like God of War's "2022". It's the last possible date within that year and allows for the product to be sold via pre-orders with the date simply updating when more info arrives.

Why Wasn't God of War at Summer Game Fest.

After the latest State of Play showcase had come and gone, God of War Ragnarök was nowhere to be seen. Fan speculation quickly moved over to Summer Game Fest.

So did God of War Ragnarök make its long-awaited reappearance at Summer Game Fest? No. No, it did not and the reason is quite simple.


While we know that Geoff Keighley loves a big reveal on his show as was proven with Elden Ring and his frequent Kojima collaborations...God of War Ragnarök is one of PlayStation's flagship titles for this generation of consoles early on. Having it be on a non-State of Play show just a week after the last State of Play makes little sense.

Sony has also started giving big titles their own State of Play events dedicated to just that title, maybe with a handful of other titles and it's almost guaranteed that will be the case for the next God of War game when the time is right.

God of War Ragnarök Gets Rating in Korea

A screenshot of the Korean Ratings Board Page for God of War Ragnarök
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Perhaps the best bit of news for God of War fans is that the title has received a rating in Korea which is usually an indicator that a game is approaching its final release.


While this doesn't guarantee that God of War Ragnarök won't be delayed, it does mean of going on a journey with Kratos in 2022 is a lot more likely.

A great example of this is the Mass Effect Legendary Edition which famously also had its rating posted by the Koren Rating Board just months before its release and before it was even fully revealed.

What is God of War Ragnarök's Release Date?

A screenshot from the teaser trailer of God of War Ragnarök
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God of War Ragnarök is officially confirmed to be coming out in 2022 with a brand new release date of Wednesday, 9th November. It's been a long time coming but it's finally coming.