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NHL 23 Loyalty Reward Packs on the way per EA Sports

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We've finally received a bit of clarification on the NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards and players will definitely be happy with the latest announcement.

Along with this news, we have a few reasons why you should buy the game this year and what you can expect from Franchise Mode.

NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards news

Now that we've received confirmation as to what the NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards are, we can share them with you.

The confusion was around what players would receive this year for purchasing previous editions of the game.

It says above that EA is "working toward" implementing these items but we'll have to wait and see when they're finally available.

It's nice to see that we'll be getting at least a few rewards for previous purchases. If you've yet to purchase the game you can do so by using the NHL 23 link below.

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What you'll receive for your purchase

All of the NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards will be delivered through Hockey Ultimate Team or (HUT).

Unfortunately, we're not sure what will be in each pack but we imagine that it will be low-tier cards that you can then sell for coins.

NHL 23
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REWARDS: Who doesn't enjoy getting free HUT rewards.

Even if the cards aren't great, you'll be able to at least redeem them for coins that you can use to purchase other NHL 23 HUT Items.

Here's the Loyalty Reward program breakdown:

  • If you bought a copy of NHL 20, NHL 21, or NHL 22:
    • 3 Loyalty Rewards Packs
  • If you bought a copy of NHL 20 and NHL 21, or NHL 22:
    • 5 Loyalty Rewards Packs
  • If you bought each copy of NHL 20, NHL 21, and NHL 22:
    • 10 Loyalty Rewards Packs

Once we get a few of them we'll let you know what all they contain. Remember, you have to purchase the game directly from EA to get these rewards.

NHL 23 Franchise Mode Review

We decided to do a full review of NHL 23 and one thing really stuck out to us, Franchise Mode.

Gameplay is incredible this year and if you haven't had the chance to play, you could try to download the EA Play Trial to get 10 hours of play.

If you'd like to check out some of the games features and our review of Franchise Mode and Be A Pro, follow this link.

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