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NHL 22: New Features on display in recent Gameplay Live Stream

If you were excited about NHL 22 when the reveal trailer dropped, you likely lost it completely when the gameplay trailer was revealed.

Recently we got an even more in-depth look at NHL 22 when the uncut footage was aired by EA during a recent live stream. We've got the footage for you here so you can prepare for launch day!

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With the release date coming soon, here are the NHL 22 new features you can look forward to seeing when you hit the virtual ice.


LATEST - Watch the Uncut NHL 22 Gameplay Premiere!

We got 27 minutes of full NHL 22 gameplay and the X Factors were on full display! Not only that, but the stick physics and skating received a massive rework.

If you happened to miss the live stream, don't worry, we've got it for you right here so you'll be up to date on everything!

If you don't have the time to watch the entire video, we've got a full rundown on the NHL 22 new features that you can check out by following this link!


NHL 22 new features will include Frostbite Engine on all platforms

Perhaps some players were worried about current gen consoles not seeing the same love as next gen users. A valid concern considering that a lot of games will focus on next gen in the future.

However, you won't have to worry about that with NHL 22, as the Frostbite Engine promises massive aesthetic upgrades to both sets of consoles. Just from snippets of the gameplay, you can see these upgrades in action.

An image from the reveal trailer of NHL 22
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OVERHAULED: Prepare for an all-new experience when you hit the ice in NHL 22

Even something as simple as the ice getting shredded by the player's skates during replays brings a more immersive experience for everyone!

This is a game-changer for players on current gen consoles who were worried about being left behind this year. Now they know, these aesthetic upgrades are for them on release day too!


Upgraded animations including expressions

Nothing is worse than looking at a blank face during replays or big goals, that's not how players truly react. The fact is, we want to experience the same expression you would during a real game.

In NHL 22, facial animations have seen a huge upgrade, including eye movement. An incredible detail to add into the game along with micro details on uniforms and higher resolution ice!

Whether it's a smile, a scream, or the crowd yelling, expect to see a wide range of emotions to be in the game on release day. Even a small detail like the ice wearing down over the course of the game will be included.

This is another step in the right direction for NHL 22, and it was on display in the Gameplay Trailer. The best part, this game only gets better!


Superstar X Factors

One of the best features in Madden 22 is X Factors, something that separates the best from the rest. It's clear EA wants to follow that model by bringing X Factors to NHL 22.

Each NHL superstar has his own unique set of X Factors that are assigned to them. There are 29 different X Factors in NHL 22, adding to the uniqueness of each superstar.

A still detailing the X Factor of Connor McDavid in NHL 22
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WHEELS: Check out Connor McDavid's X Factor in NHL 22

These X Factors will be separated into two tiers:

  • Premier Zone Abilities
  • Secondary Superstar Ability

The first opportunity for anyone to try these new Superstar X Factors in action will be with the Closed Technical Test (Beta) for NHL 22, and we've got more details on that here and how you can register.

Enhanced Stick Physics

An incredible update brought to the NHL 22 is the altered stick physics that brings more realism to the game. The Frostbite Engine will help bring these physics to life this year.

Now, we'll see the better stick-on-stick interactions along with how the stick interacts with the puck and other players.

A player addresses the crowd in NHL 22
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PERFECTION: NHL 22 looks to make the perfect hockey game this year

Expect opponents to shove off your stick and drive to the net in NHL 22, but don't worry, you can perform the same moves.

Just another addition to the already trending game. It's amazing how excited players are to jump on even though the release date is over a month away!


Augmented Reality UI

NHL 22 is going to let you show off better than ever with the addition of the Augmented Reality UI, which displays graphics on ice! It'll even highlight the X Factor used when you score a big goal over your opponent.

Perhaps, more importantly, are the in-game stats that will be displayed on the ice during the game. Looking to see how many shots on goal you've taken? No need to pause the game anymore!

The on-ice graphics in NHL 22 courtesy of the gameplay trailer
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ON ICE GRAPHICS: Get stat updates while playing instead of pausing in NHL 22

This feature looks like it will be brought to both current gen and next gen consoles, even better news for players that were worried about getting left behind.

With all these new features coming to both consoles, it'd be a good idea to place your pre order on NHL 22 today.