NHL 22: Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT 22) Deep Dive Reveal Countdown

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NHL 22 is right around the corner and the release date is almost here! As we get closer we've learned more about specific game modes.

Not long ago we learned more about Be A Pro and Franchise Mode, the next game mode we'll learn about is HUT 22 or Hockey Ultimate Team.

Let's start the countdown for the HUT 22 reveal for NHL 22!

Watch the Hockey Ultimate Team reveal HERE

If you're looking to check out what will be our last deep dive on NHL 22 before it releases on October 15, 2021, you can watch it here!

The deep dive on HUT 22 will stream via the official EA Sports NHL channel on YouTube, and we have the premiere YouTube stream below!

While the video isn't live yet, it is expected to premiere at 11am ET, which is the same time that the deep dive on Be A Pro and Franchise was published, which you can check out below.

This page will be constantly updating with information as everything in HUT 22 is revealed! Check out our wishlist for Hockey Ultimate Team here!

HUT 22 Deep Dive Countdown

It's reveals week for NHL 22 which started with Be A Pro, the next reveal, shortly before Early Access is live will be on HUT 22.

We should expect to learn about the X Factor players and Power-up player items. NHL 22 announced that the Wednesday, October 6 reveal will be Hockey Ultimate Team.

Puck On A String X Factor in NHL 22
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X FACTORS: Expect X Factors to get more attention during the HUT 22 reveal

Hopefully, we'll receive the same sort of deep dive we did with Be A Pro and Franchise Mode. However, they might want to keep some of the secrets concealed until release day.

What can we expect?

The biggest question players are asking is what we can expect to see when EA does a Deep Dive on HUT 22. For starters, we'll likely learn even more about X Factors.

We already know only 50 players in NHL 22 received X Factors, but what about upgrades? We hope they'll go in-depth on exactly how these Power-up items work.

Sidney Crosby in NHL 22
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CELEBRATION: NHL 22 is just around the corner!

Here are some other details we hope to learn about:

  • Upgrade Tiers
  • HUT Coins
  • Power-up Collectibles
  • Synergy Slots
  • Ability Unlocks

NHL 22 Release Date

As mentioned above, NHL 22 will release on October 15, 2021, and is available on all platforms aside from PC for the second year in a row.


This is the first time that the game has been tailored for next gen systems, but current gen users were kept in mind in the making of NHL 22 as well! Check out the Official Gameplay Trailer!

Keep your eyes here for the moment the HUT 22 reveal drops so you can watch along with us! To learn more about gameplay, follow this link!