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5 Reasons to Buy NHL 23

The next installment from EA is here as NHL 23 launched today. We're going to go over a few reasons why you should purchase the game.

Our list ranges from some of the new Hockey Ultimate Team updates along with some of the World Of Chel news.

Here's why you should buy NHL 23 this year.

5 Reasons To Buy NHL 23

If you've been on the fence about the game so far this year we can reassure you that this is a great time to buy the game.

We'll go into details below as to why exactly NHL 23 is great for hockey fans but from the graphics alone you can see a lot of thought was put into it.

The gameplay trailer we put for you above showcases some of the latest changes to the mechanics of the game. The good news is that even if you're a new player, you'll be able to learn quickly and won't be too far behind.

If we've convinced you already to purchase NHL 23, you can use our link below to buy the game.

BUY NOW: Get NHL 23 and start your journey today

Now, let's get into some details on why you should purchase it.

Loyalty Rewards & Redeeming bonuses

Here's something that was introduced this year that we're super happy to hear and former players will be as well.

NHL 23 is offering players that played NHL 22 a 20% discount on the NHL 23 Standard Edition and an additional reward of 500 NHL Points.

NHL 23
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HAPPY SKATING: Take over the ice for a discount with the Standard Edition.

The EA website says to make sure you purchase NHL 23 through the NHL 22 game menu to ensure the reward is deployed properly.

Still, this is one of our favorite things about this year's game and it gives NHL 22 players a reason to purchase the game. You'll also likely receive a discount when NHL 24 comes out.

Franchise Mode Custom Leagues

Franchise Mode received a pretty significant change with the addition of Custom Leagues in NHL 23.

Creating a Custom League lets you create one with as few as 6 teams or as many as 48 teams with up to 2 conferences and 8 divisions.

NHL 23
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FRANCHISE MODE: NHL 23 is giving players a chance to build a league they want.

NHL 23 Custom Leagues features also include altering the NHL Schedule, Standings Format, Playoffs Qualification Type, Playoffs Format, and all those same things for the AHL as well.

There is so much to do inside of Franchise Mode this year and it's a great starting point for new players.

Read our beginner's guide to NHL 23 Franchise Mode here.

World Of Chel & Be A Pro

Both World Of Chel and Be A Pro only received limited updates in NHL 23 but they're both fantastic game modes this year.

Putting together NHL 23 Builds is a ton of fun this year and we actually went through a few that you might want to check out.

NHL 23
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BEST BUILDS: Try out a few of our NHL 23 builds when you get a chance.

With several ways to customize your player and build, users have tons of options in NHL 23. The good news is you can have several loadouts as well.

This is the "Speed Demon" build we put together:

The basics of the build are:

  • Height - 5'9"
  • Weight - 160 LBS
  • Zone Ability - Make It Snappy

Here are the specifics:

  • Technique:
    • Wrist Shot Accuracy - 85 OVR
    • Slap Shot Accuracy - 85 OVR
    • Speed - 93 OVR
    • Balance - 75 OVR
    • Agility - 88 OVR
  • Power:
    • Wrist Shot Power - 84 OVR
    • Slap Shot Power - 85 OVR
    • Acceleration - 93 OVR
    • Puck Control - 88 OVR
    • Endurance - 83 OVR
  • Playstyle:
    • Passing - 85 OVR
    • Offensive Awareness - 93 OVR
    • Body Checking - 75 OVR
    • Stick Checking - 70 OVR
    • Defensive Awareness - 69 OVR
  • Tenacity:
    • Hand-eye - 80 OVR
    • Strength - 80 OVR
    • Durability - 79 OVR
    • Shot Blocking - 70 OVR
  • Tactics:
    • Deking - 79 OVR
    • Faceoffs - 90 OVR
    • Discipline - 78 OVR
    • Fighting Skill - 72 OVR

We've got a set of three builds for NHL 23 for you to try. If they don't work out you can always try a different and more balanced one.

Budget Cards in NHL 23 HUT

One area that several players are going to spend their time in is NHL 23 Hockey Ultimate Team and this year it's incredibly fun.

We put together a list of budget cards in HUT 23 that you can target to build a pretty solid team.

NHL 23
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AUCTIONS: Head to the Auctions and add a few key cards to your lineup.

At each position, we listed three cards that you can target without spending a whole lot of NHL 23 coins.

Here are a few of our choices:


  • Corey Perry - 81 OVR - Current Price 1,250K Coins
  • Blake Coleman - 81 OVR - Current Price 1K Coins
  • Erik Haula - 80 OVR - Current Price 1K Coins

To check out the full list of cards that we're recommending, follow this link.

Women's IIHF Addition in HUT 23

Something that a lot of games are focusing on is inclusion and the addition of Women's IIHF players in Hockey Ultimate Team is huge.

You can already see teams filling out their HUT 23 teams with some of the best players and the stats are balanced, making it even better.

We've got the top fifty cards in HUT listed here, check it out and see how many Women's IIHF players made the list.

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