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NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards, how return players can redeem bonuses

NHL 23 is officially available worldwide, and some players are hoping for a Loyalty Reward if they played NHL 22.

Here's everything we know about NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards and how you'll be able to make sure the bonuses get granted.

NHL 23 Loyalty Reward: How return players can redeem bonuses

Now that NHL 23 has passed through the Early Access and EA Play Trial period, the worldwide release date has arrived.

For players who played NHL 22 that are wondering if they can score extra NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards, there is a way to save money and get in-game bonuses.

Anyone who has played NHL 22 is eligible for a 20% discount on the NHL 23 Standard Edition and an additional reward of 500 NHL Points.

NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards
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IT'S HERE: After plenty of anticipation, NHL 23 is now available worldwide

However, the EA website says to make sure you purchase NHL 23 through the NHL 22 game menu to ensure the reward is deployed properly.

If you've already purchased NHL 23 and are wondering where your NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards are at, your best course of action is through EA Help.

Follow this link to their website and submit a request to have EA Help look into your missing rewards, but unfortunately it may take some time for them to get in touch and we can't confirm if they're able to grant the rewards in this manner.

NHL 23 X-Factor Edition Loyalty Rewards

If you're looking to snag the NHL 23 X-Factor Edition now that the pre order period has passed, you'll still be able to get some rewards.

However, there don't appear to be any NHL 22 Loyalty specific rewards for the X-Factor Edition.

The EA website lists these X-Factor Edition rewards:

  • 4600 NHL Points
  • 5 World of Chel (WOC) X-Factor Ability Unlocks
  • Be a pro early X-Factor slot unlocks, XP boosts, and bonus trait points

However, these are the standard NHL 23 X-Factor Edition rewards provided to all buyers, and it's unlikely EA will be doubling that for Loyalty Players.

If you're looking to grab either edition and are having issues with the in-game purchase menu in NHL 22, we also suggest making contact with EA Help.

It's also not stated on their website that the NHL 23 X-Factor Edition has the same post-launch 20% discount as the Standard Edition, so players looking for a discount on it may be better off using the Microsoft or PlayStation Store with an active EA Play subscription.

EA Play offers all subscribers a 10% discount on the NHL 23 Standard Edition or NHL 23 X-Factor Edition.

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