NBA 2K22 Demo: Latest news ahead of launch day

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NBA 2K22 is on the way and we recently got a gameplay trailer. Most players however are upset to find out that there won't be a demo of this years game.

Although there won't be a demo, players can expect to create their own dunks when the game releases this year!


Read on for what we know about the lack of an NBA 2K22 demo and the new dunk creator

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LATEST - All new Dunk Style Creator this year!

It's time to take flight this year in NBA 2K22 and you can do it in your own style this year with the brand new Dunk Style Creator. This is just one of the many features being brought to the game.

Giving you full control to make unique dunk packages is what's on the table this year. Along with personal customization, you'll be able to add more dunks to your player than ever before!

The Miami Heat clear the bench in NBA 2K22
GET HYPED: Clear the benches this year in NBA 2K22 with a monster dunk

Updates will be coming to dunking throughout NBA 2K22 this year, including more aggressive skill dunks. Dunk celebrations are on the way too, so be on the lookout for that on release day!

For a deep dive on the new dunk mechanics being brought to NBA 2K22, follow this link!

Leak indicates no demo for NBA 2K22

Some of the biggest news this year about NBA 2K22 has come through the @2KIntel account on Twitter, and their cover leaks and other details have all been spot on so far.


Sadly, their latest leak may be a disappointing one for some fans.

In a reply to that tweet, they showed a Q&A answer stating that 2K decided "not to release the demo version this year, but instead focus on creating fully-functional games of this generation and previous generations."

While a focus like that is good news, it means players will need to wait a bit longer to start playing NBA 2K22 when the release date arrives on September 10, 2021.


What can players expect without a demo

Instead of a NBA 2K22 demo this year, we could see more detailed reports from 2K about the game itself. This could be in the form of content creator reviews or reviews directly from the studio.

We have to remember that we're still waiting on a trailer for the game, which is only a month away. Soon we'll likely have more information and reveals on what to expect inside the game.


This also means that they're taking their time this year and trying to release a complete game. We can't blame them for taking extra steps to ensure satisfaction.