NBA 2K22: Beat Reporter John Luck or Lifestyle Reporter Andrew Torres?

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NBA 2K22 is out now, and players tackling The City who choose the G League will come up against an early decision between two different reporter interviews.

If you can't decide between John Luck and Andrew Torres, we've got details on what each one can give you and which answers to choose when you interview with either reporter for NBA 2K22 MyCAREER in The City.

NBA 2K22: Choosing an interview for Dominate The G in MyCAREER

If you take the path to the G League in NBA 2K22, one of your first quests will be Dominate The G, and it's got a few optional objectives.

You get the chance to hone your interview skills and get a few key boosts, but how those boosts benefit you will depend on which reporter you talk to and what answers you choose.

The City Map Location for each interview

If you've already made a decision, you'll need to know which location to head to as the quest markers aren't clearly identified on The City Map.

If you want to speak to Beat Reporter John Luck, head to a building with a sign that says "The Local News," and you can see the location below just southeast of the South City Vipers City Hall.

NBA 2K22 John Luck Location Beat Reporter The Local News The City Map
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FIND JOHN LUCK: Look for "The Local News," the sign is pretty clear

If you'd rather go chat with Lifestyle Reporter Andrew Torres, you're looking for Timmy D's Donut Shop.

There are several of them throughout The City, but the one you want can be seen below and is just northwest of the South City Vipers City Hall.

nba 2k22 the city map location andrew torres lifestyle reporter mycareer
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DONUT TIME: Head to the cafe if you're looking for Torres

Keep in mind that you can only speak to one, so don't initiate an interview if you're not sure it's the one you want to speak to.

Should you choose Beat Reporter John Luck or Lifestyle Reporter Andrew Torres?

The first thing you'll need to decide is which reporter to speak to, and they've both got their benefits.

Beat Reporter John Luck is the more traditional option, and he's going to ask you more traditional questions that deal with being flashy or being a team player.


By comparison, you can speak to Lifestyle Reporter Andrew Torres if you'd rather have a chat that centers more on your eventual brand focus.

While exact benefits will vary based on the answers, which are outlined below, in general you can get a bigger fans boost from the more mainstream option of John Luck.

That comes with a tradeoff though, as the answers which give you big fans bonuses cost you in some other areas, while Luck benefits Music or Fashion brands while causing less negative impacts.

If you're still not sure which one is right for you, take a look at the questions and answers you'll face and the rewards they can give you.

Beat Reporter John Luck: Answers and Rewards

If you choose the traditional route with John Luck at The Local News, you'll have two different questions to answer with a clear difference in each answer.

You can see the question itself, the two answers, and the timer which decreases to keep you from waiting too long to answer.

NBa 2k22 answers interviews lifestyle reporter beat reporter
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SURPRISE: Choose your answer carefully, but the clock is ticking

If you choose "How well it's gone and how quickly I've adjusted.", you'll receive a bonus to Flashy Player, Solo Player, and Fans.

If you choose "The camaraderie.", you'll receive a bonus to Team Oriented, Fundamentals, and Corporate, while also losing points for Flashy.

Next, Beat Reporter John Luck will ask you to peer into the future, and the answers are polar opposites.

nba 2k22 mycareer the city answers
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LOOKING AHEAD: Contemplate your future and make your pick

If you choose "On a yacht with ten rings.", you'll get boosts to Flashy, Free Spirit, and a major boost to Fans, but see Fundamentals go down.

If you choose "I can't worry about ten years from now.", you'll decrease Flashy and instead see boosts to Fundamentals, and you'll still get some Fans as well.

Lifestyle Reporter Andrew Torres: Answers and Rewards


If you decide to head to the cafe and speak with Lifestyle Reporter Andrew Torres, you'll definitely see some of your brands get a boost.

However, which brands in The City and MyCAREER get a boost will depend on how you choose to answer his question.

nba 2k22 the city mycareer answers reporter interview g league
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ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE: Focus on your brands and personality

If you choose "Whatever music I'm listening to that day.", you'll get a bonus to Music, Free Spirit, and score some Fans.

If you choose "Making sure I got my fit correct.", you'll instead get boosts to Fashion and Flashy, a big Fans bonus, but take a hit and lose points for Team Oriented.

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