NBA 2K20: These badges must be AVOIDED for your MyPlayer

When it comes to 2K20, how you invest resources is vital, but you shouldn't bother with these lot.

There are a handful of badges that can take your MyPlayer to the next level. The right one can turn you into the next Michael Jordan on the court, while the wrong one can leave you trailing.

In The Neighborhood, some badges are better for those park games than your NBA MyCareer games. For argument’s sake we have listed these badges below based on The Neighborhood and the Rec Center. 

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Here is a list of the seven least important badges on NBA 2K20:

7 – Pro Touch

This badge is primarily not important if you are a guard. But for forwards, this badge can be important.

If you are a guard, this badge is pretty much useless. Even if you are a Slasher, you will not get that big of an increased chance of scoring for timing layups well. 

Against a 7’3 Center on the park you need a fairly open lane to make sure it goes in. Other badges such as Acrobat are more important for guards and that’s why it is on this list.

6 – Cross-Key Scorer 

Slashers have several badges available to them that can really make them a threat in the paint. Unfortunately, this badge is not one of them.

If you attack the basket against a Center who has rim protector on anything above silver, then you will struggle to make the points.

Despite being one of the new badges to be added in 2K20, Cross-key Scorer is canceled out by centers who have Rim Protector which is almost all of them.

5 – Pump Fake Maestro

One of the biggest rookie mistakes on the Neighborhood and Rec centre is to attempt a block instead of using the contesting system.

This puts you at a major disadvantage. So a decent player will know not to bite into a pump fake making this badge pretty much useless unless you are up against some poor competition.

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4 – Volume Shooter

In previous years this badge was just as important as Deadeye and Limitless Range. 

Now with the new badges it is no longer a necessity. This badge is hardly worth upgrading and easily makes this list as it is one of the least important shooting badges in NBA 2K20.

The developers reward those who time shots correctly not those who shoot consecutively. If you can time your shots, then you do not need this badge whatsoever.

3 – Chase Down Artist

Due to the new realistic gameplay mechanics, chase down blocks are even less likely than ever before. 

Therefore, upgrading this badge will only be helpful once in a while. Blocks do not come about that often and the grind for badges is not worth putting it on a one that is only helpful once in a while.

2 – Showtime

In games where you are really up against it and you just need to get that win, takeover is the last priority.

Despite their annoyingly beneficial boosts to your in-game stats, you should really play for the win and not to get your takeover. This applies to MyCareer and The Neighborhood.

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1 – Defensive Leader 

This badge sounds like it will be useful for Rec and Pro-Am games by giving your team a slight defensive edge. However, it is only useful in MyCareer games.

Unfortunately, if you play with other Neighborhood players who are not very good, then this bad is pointless even at Hall of Fame level.

On a more selfish note, this badge doesn’t benefit you as a player. If you want to enhance YOUR player as much as you can then we advise you to avoid this badge in general.

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