NBA 2K20: Best MyTeam starting five under 10k MT points

It is vital to invest wisely at the Auction House. Here is the best team available under 10k.

The 2K community is polarized by the new basketball game, some love the new gaming mechanics which allow for more of a skill gap between players.

Others are annoyed that the game is riddled with bugs and that the shooting mechanics feel unfinished. 

Despite all this the game is capable of impressing, including MyTeam, 2K’s answer to Ultimate Team.

Every MyTeam squad needs some cheap but productive players that can be the difference between winning and losing. We have found some cheap beasts to help win you some MyTeam games on a budget of only 10,000 MT points. 

Here is the starting five that you need on your MyTeam:

Point Guard –  Jamal Murray – OVR 83

The Nuggets starting Point Guard boasts an 84 three-point shot alongside an 87 mid-range shot. 

This allows him to beat his opponent off a screen and pull up for a jumpshot at the elbow with a much higher chance than other PG’s currently in NBA 2K20.

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His defense isn’t amazing but like most players it is probably more efficient if you play off-ball defense and let the AI guard your opponent.

He costs around 2,000 MT and is definitely worth the purchase in our eyes.

Shooting Guard – Ray Allen – OVR 79

Widely regarded as one of the greatest shooters of all-time, Ray Allen can drain a three from just about anywhere around the perimeter despite his low OVR.

A strong spot up shooter is always a good option to have in your attack. Allen can also defend fairly well with a B- grade for perimeter defense. His inside scoring isn’t the best but you cannot expect a 79 overall to do everything.

His modest 1,250 MT price suggests he is a bargain and should be in your line-up.

Small Forward – Chandler Parsons – OVR 81

The Rewards section on MyTeam always has a few gems on each level. At the Emerald level, Chandler Parsons has a neat 84 three-point shot.

The Mavericks forward can also defend well and drive to the basket with ease. 

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For the cost of three tokens we believe he is worth putting into your starting lineup.

Power Forward – Ryan Anderson – OVR 81

Another rewards player is Pelicans power forward, Ryan Anderson.

The most popular rewards card with over 33,000 community redemptions. Anderson is a three-point specialist and with a 6’10 frame he can shoot over most players. 

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He too will cost you 3 tokens and will be worth every single one of them. 

Center – Shaquille O’Neal – OVR 86

The most dominant big-man ever is all you need to boss the paint.

A 90 post hook along with 86 interior defense and 86 rebounding. Shaq can snag rebounds off of just about anybody. Oh and how can I forget his 99 strength to back down his opponents in the paint and make it look easy. 

With stats like this it is no wonder he is the most expensive player in this team. At 4,000 MT Shaq proves why he is the best big man on NBA 2K20 at the moment.

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