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MLB The Show 23 Season 5: Everything you need to know about it!

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MLB The Show 23 Season 5

The MLB The Show 23 Season 5 is here, and it brings a lot of exciting content to the game. Hopefully, this new content can revitalize the game, and make MLB The Show 23 worth playing once again.

As it happens in every new MLB The Show 23 season, we saw new programs, card series, packs, and challenges arrive at the game. The vast majority of this content is directed at Diamond Dynasty, and it aims to captivate new players to the mode or bring back old ones.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about MLB The Show 23 Season 5.

Release date

MLB The Show 23 Season 5 went live on Friday, 3 November, at around 3PM EST. This means that Season 4 is officially over and you can no longer finish the programs and collect all of its rewards.

MLB The Show 23 Season 5
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A new Team Affinity program is coming in Season 5.

For Season 5, fans were hoping for programs that deliver entertaining challenges, spectacular rewards, and great cards, which they can then use to upgrade their squad.

Fortunately, fans got just that, as the MLB The Show 23 Season 5 content stream revealed some great programs. So, let's take an in-depth look at them.

Season 5 programs

Since MLB The Show 23 is in a very stale state right now, and fans have been begging for new content, the Season 5 programs needed to be unique and exciting.

Fortunately, Season 5 introduced many new and exciting programs. These programs delivered a much-needed breath of fresh air for Diamond Dynasty, and have a good chance of revitalizing the mode.

The first program Season 5 is introducing is the Team Affinity 5 program, one of the most popular in the MLB The Show franchise. The program brings great rewards, such as a plethora of 99 OVR cards from the Finest Series.

MLB The Show 23 Season 5 Team Affinity Program
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Team Affinity 5 will deliver some great cards!

With the World Series over, Season 5 is also introducing a program related to it. This program is called Rangers & Diamondbacks 2023 Flashbacks and brings Flashback cards of historic players of both franchises.

These cards will have great attributes, and quirks, with some even being among the best in the game. This is also a great way for Rangers fans to celebrate their historic World Series win.

However, it still wasn't announced exactly when this program will be released, or what players will feature in it.

MLB The Show 23 Season 5 card series

Season 5 of MLB The Show 23 also brought the Finest Series, a new card series that brought plenty of 99 OVRs to Diamond Dynasty.

As the name indicates, this card series brings the finest players of the 2023 season. All of them possess incredible attributes, quirks, and astonishing card designs.

MLB The Show 23 Season 5 Finest Event
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You can earn the Finest Series cards by completing missions and challenges from the Finest event, ranked program, and many other Diamond Dynasty modes.

There is also the option of acquiring them in packs. Some of the Finest Series cards can be acquired from the 2023 Finest Choice Pack. This pack costs 40K Stubs, is limited to 3 per user, and lets you choose one 99 OVR Finest Series base or rare player.

Other card series will also be revealed throughout the season so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Conquest Maps

Season 5 also introduced two new Conquest Maps, which are a part of the Team Affinity 5 program. One map is for the AL league, while the other is for the NL league.

MLB The Show 23 Season 5 Conquest Maps
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Both maps offer players the chance to earn plenty of rewards such as packs, Stubs, cards, and more. These rewards can be used to upgrade your team, or even help you assemble your Season 5 starting squad.

Ranked and BR mode

As always, the Ranked, Mini Seasons and Battle Royale modes have a new reward path. Similar to past seasons, winning games will make you progress forward in the reward path, and collect rewards such as cards, packs, Stubs, XP, and more.

MLB The Show 23 Season 5 Ranked mode rewards
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The majority of rewards are connected with the Finest Series, as you can earn a 2023 World Series Reward Choice Pack, which includes a Finest Series Josh Lowe, Blake Snell, and Dansby Swanson. All of them have a 99 OVR and possess great attributes.

MLB The Show 23 Set 5

With the arrival of Season 5, we also have Set 5 coming to Diamond Dynasty. This means that Set 3 players will no longer be usable in your active squad, and you will only be allowed to use Core, Set 4, and Set 5 players in your team.

MLB The Show 23 Season 5 Team Affinity Collection
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Set 5 also has its collection, which includes a total of 170 players. If you manage to collect all the Set 5 players, you will earn the Set 5 Collection Choice Pack. This pack includes 99 OVR players such as Finest Series Bo Bichette, William Contreras, and Shohei Ohtani, among others.

We hope this article answers all your questions about Season 5. For more guides and all the latest news about MLB The Show 23, check out Realsport101.

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