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The Charisma series is the newest program released in MLB The Show 23. This program brings some amazing cards to Diamond Dynasty. The cards will help many users upgrade their teams in a massive way, and secure plenty of wins.

However, it's not an easy task to complete this program. Users will have to complete many tasks and missions. Some of them have a high degree of difficulty. But don't worry about it, because we've got you covered.

So, let's find out how to complete the Charisma Series program in a quick and effective way.

How to Complete MLB The Show 23 Charisma Series Program

In the Charisma Series Showdown, there are ten spectacular cards you can earn. Some of them are among the best players in their positions and can help you upgrade your squad. The ones that can't enter your lineup, are still useful to finish collections or to use in exchange programs.

Some of the cards you earn early on in the program can be used to help you complete the remaining missions. Since all these cards are very good, all of them will come in handy. So, make sure to put them on your active lineup when you win them. Unless you already have a better player, of course.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of missions you will need to complete to earn all the rewards of this program. You should first start with the Showdown mission. By completing this task, you will earn 30 points, which means you can claim 90 OVR Bret Phillips, 91 OVR Joe Kelly, and 92 OVR Andrew Chafin.

If you want to know how you can easily complete this or any other Showdown mission, check out our Showdown guide.

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There are some great rewards you can earn by completing the Charisma Series missions!

After that, you want to go straight to the moments' missions. There are a total of ten moments missions, which are pretty simple to complete. In the first and second moments, you just need to tally a hit with Josh Harrison, and Bret Phillip, respectively.

If you are struggling to hit with zone, we suggest you switch to directional. It also won't be very hard to get a base hit when the pitcher is throwing pitches down the middle.

In the third moments mission, you need to strike out three batters with Joe Kelly, without giving up one hit. So, make sure to vary your pitches, and maybe change the pitching interface to classic. If you give up a fly-out or a ground-out, just restart the mission, since it's no longer possible to complete it.

The fourth mission is very similar since you need to strike out two players with Andrew Chafin. You can't give up one hit, but you can give up a fly-out or a ground-out, and still complete the moment. Just like in the third mission, make sure two vary your pitches.

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MLB The Show 23 is full of great programs.

To complete the next task, you need to get one extra-base hit with Ozzie Albies. We suggest you use the normal swing instead of contact or even the power swing. Also, use directional hitting.

The next task might take some time. You need to get a home run with Josh Naylor, which isn't the easiest thing to do. However, if you use normal swing paired with directional hitting, and aim to the right side of the field, you will be able to complete the mission in no time.

Following that, you need to get one extra-base hit with Daniel Vogelbach's. So, just follow the same instructions of the Ozzie Albie mission. The mission after that is also pretty easy since you just need to tally one hit.

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However, the following mission is slightly harder. You need to strike out six batters with Luis Castillo. Using the classic pitching interface, and varying your pitches will allow you to quickly complete this task. You can give up hits or runs on this mission, so don't worry about them.

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The Charisma Series players will allow you to upgrade your Diamond Dynasty squad!

In the last moments' task, you need to get four total bases. If in your first set bat, you don't get two bases, then restart the mission, since it will be very hard to complete it. Use directional hitting to help you complete this task.

When it comes to the missions for the Charisma Series, they are quite easy to complete. All you need to do is "tally parallel XP" with all the players from the program.

To do that, just equip them on your lineup, and play games with them. It can be solo Ranked games, Mini Seasons, or even games against the CPU. Just make sure you are using the Charisma Series players on your lineup, and you should complete these missions in no time.

Battle Royale

Among the many great game modes in MLB The Show 23, Diamond Dynasty is a fan favourite. It allows players to create their dream team, and compete against other players.

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You can earn some great rewards by winning games in Battle Royale.

Inside Diamond Dynasty, we have the Battle Royale game mode. Users love to play this mode, since it's very competitive, and allows them to try out some incredible cards. Players can also earn great rewards, which makes this mode even more attractive. So, find out everything about it in our MLB The Show 23 Battle Royale guide.

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