MLB The Show 23: Diamond Duos 9 pack has arrived



A new Diamond Duos pack is arriving at MLB The Show 23, and it brings us two more astonishing 99 OVR cards. These cards will fit like a glove in most Diamond Dynasty teams and will help you achieve plenty of wins. They are also Set 1 cards, so they will help you complete the Set 1 collections

The Diamond Duos 9 pack will arrive at Diamond Dynasty on 21 April, at around 12 PM PT/ 20 PM GMT. These two players are among the best in their position. So, many users want to get their hands on these cards.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Diamond Duos 9 pack.

MLB The Show 23: Diamond Duos 9

MLB The Show 23 has released many great programs, with Diamond Duos 9 being the latest one. To get both of these amazing cards, you will most likely have to spend plenty of Stubs on the Diamond Dynasty Show Shop. There is no free way to earn these cards, so if you want them, get ready to open many Diamond Duos 9 packs.

These two cards are so good, that many players won't have a problem spending their money for a chance to get their hands on them. They will immediately improve the quality of your squad and can be game-changing for some players.

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Two elite cards are arriving in Diamond Dynasty!

As a closing pitcher, with a 99 OVR, Brian Wilson is among the best of the best in his position. It's a position that doesn't have that many great players, so Brian Wilson can quickly become a meta card. We still don't know his stats, but we expect them to be pretty high. Apart from the stamina attribute, which is usually low in Relief pitchers.

Torii Hunter card will most likely also have some monstrous stats. The center field player would be a great acquisition for every Diamond Dynasty team. We expect Hunter to have great hitting and pitching attributes. His clutch stat will probably be incredibly high, such as his break and speed stats.

Charisma Series Program

A new Charisma Series Program is coming to MLB The Show 23, and it brings five incredible cards. These cards will provide an upgrade to the majority of lineups.

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The Charisma Series Program brings us five incredible cards!

The five new Charisma Series Program cards will arrive at MLB The Show 23 on 21 April. However, the time of their arrival still hasn't been specified. So, check out our MLB The Show 23: Charisma Series Program guide, to learn everything about this exciting program.

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