MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program: Release date, rewards & more

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program

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MLB The Show 23 is always looking to add new and exciting content. The goal is to provide players with more ways of entertainment, and also some great rewards. So, it's no surprise that new programs are constantly arriving at Diamond Dynasty. After all, this is the most popular game mode of MLB The Show 23.

This time, the game announced the Extreme program, which will soon go live. As the name indicates, the program will be full of extremely difficult challenges and missions. However, it will also provide players with great rewards.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Extreme Program.

Extreme Program release date

The Extreme program is coming to MLB The Show 23 on 28 July. It's bringing a plethora of new content to Diamond Dynasty, more specifically, to the Conquest and Showdown modes.

Unfortunately, we don't have information about all the rewards the program is going to offer. But we already know three of the cards players will be able to earn. Those cards are 99 OVR Mike Piazza, 99 OVR Billy Wagner, and 99 OVR Ketel Marte.

MLB The Show 23 Extreme Program Mike Piazza
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This incredible Mike Piazza card is one of the many rewards players can earn.

A new Diamond Duos pack was expected to arrive at the game at the same time as the Extreme program. However, the Diamond Duos 29 pack arrived two days earlier. It brings two incredible players, that can help you complete the challenges of the Extreme program.

Another thing you can also expect is some very challenging missions. The Extreme program is known for being a very hard program to finish. In MLB The Show 23, that won't be any different, with players having to beat incredibly hard challenges.

The Showdown challenges will most likely be the hardest to complete. To defeat the Extreme program Showdown bosses, players will have to play a nearly perfect game. So, get ready to repeat some challenges multiple times.

Team Affinity Conquest map hidden rewards

As mentioned above, MLB The Show 23 is always releasing new programs. One of the many new programs that have recently arrived at Diamond Dynasty is Team Affinity Season 3 program.

MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity Season 3 cards
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The Team Affinity Season 3 program has some great cards!

It's a fan favourite program, that always delivers some great cards and entertaining missions. Furthermore, it offers players a chance to upgrade their squad.

The program brought three new Conquest maps, which offer great rewards. If you want to know how to find all of them, check out our Team Affinity Season 3 Conquest hidden rewards guide.

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