MLB The Show 23: Community complains about lack of content

MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 has been out for quite some time, and it seems the game reached a dead end. Despite the game having received fairly positive reviews after its launch, fans are not happy at all about the state of the title.

The main complaint of the players it's the lack of content in Diamond Dynasty. It's by far the most popular game mode of the title, but as of late, it's not providing players with a lot to do.

Some players have also complained the mode is focused too much on offline content. According to many, that has been slowly killing the mode, as there isn't a lot of upside to playing online games.

So, let's dive deep into the issues that are plaguing MLB The Show 23.

Lack of content on Diamond Dynasty

As mentioned above, the lack of content on Diamond Dynasty is one of the bigger issues MLB The Show 23 is facing. Fans and even content creators have complained about going weeks without new content. This is something that left fans with little incentive to play the game.

The latest content to arrive at the game has been average, and that's if you want to be generous. Programs that have arrived at Diamond Dynasty have been sub-par as of late, not delivering great cards or even entertaining challenges.

MLB The Show 23
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Because of that, many players are taking a step back from the game. With no new content, the game is just stale, which makes it way less enjoyable to play. Even players who are extremely competitive, and enjoy playing ranked, say there aren't a lot of reasons to play the game right now.

Insane offline grind

It's okay to have some challenges or missions focused on offline modes. These game modes are perfect for casual players, as they allow them to have some fun and also win great rewards.

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However, when a multiplayer mode, such as Diamond Dynasty, has most of its content in offline modes, something is not right. The amount of content that players need to complete in offline game modes to earn rewards and complete programs is just insane.

If you want to upgrade your team, without spending money, you need to complete program challenges. These challenges will reward you with great cards, packs, or even stubs. However, most of the challenges are offline, forcing players to complete too many offline missions.

MLB The Show 23 Retirement number program
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The Retirement Number program is one of the latest programs released.

This takes all of the fun out of the game. Diamond Dynasty is a multiplayer mode, you should spend most of your time playing against other players, not versus the CPU.

What makes matters worse, is the fact that the best cards of the MLB The Show 23 programs are only available in the packs, most of the time. This means players are griding for a 97 OVR card when there are plenty of 99 OVR cards from the same postion already in the game.

The best way to describe the game right now is: "You’re just stuck with offline homework with no benefit of playing real competition". Until MLB The Show 23 does something about it, more players will leave the game, and some might not return.

With Madden 24 having just released, and NBA 2K24 being close to launching, MLB The Show 23 needs to step up their game. Otherwise, they will lose a large part of their player base.

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