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MLB The Show 22: Legends Trailer reveals more of the 150+ iconic additions

MLB The Show 22 is just days away, and the Legends Roster continues to take shape with the release of the new Legends Trailer.

We've got details on all the new additions to the MLB The Show 22 Legends Roster highlighted in this latest trailer.

MLB The Show 22 Legends Trailer reveals more new additions

MLB The Show 22 is creeping up on an impending release date in less than a week, but there's still more to learn about this year's Legends.

We've gotten teasers of several big names already, including reveals prior to this trailer for Randy Johnson, Ryan Howard, and more.

MLB The Show 22 Legends Trailer Roster
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THE BIG UNIT: This 6' 10'' pitching legend joins the roster this year

Following the tease of individual legends through a mix of trailer appearances, tweet reveals, and some announced during the weekly Feature Premiere, even more have arrived in the latest trailer.

You can watch the full MLB The Show 22 Legends Trailer below:

This is our first chance to see major names like Dontrelle Willis in action, but players don't have to wait long to try them out firsthand.

While the worldwide launch of MLB The Show 22 is set for April 5, you can snag Early Access to play even sooner on April 1, 2022.

MLB The Show 22 Legends Roster is full of new additions

Every year, Sony San Diego reaches out to more major names in baseball history to beef up their yearly Legends Roster.

However, it's important to remember that the actual full Legends Roster is, as confirmed by Sony San Diego, more than 150 different players.

Some of these may be legends who have been in the games for years, or additions made just last year, but there are more than a dozen new faces this year.

These are all the new legends we know of so far in MLB The Show 22:

  • Randy Johnson
  • Ryan Howard
  • Joe Mauer
  • Justin Morneau
  • Chase Utley
  • Kirk Gibson
  • Dontrelle Willis
  • J.R. Richard
  • Kevin Youkilis
  • Jered Weaver
  • Mike Mussina
  • Brian Wilson
  • Ray Durham
  • Mike Napoli

We can confirm none of these players are in the MLB The Show 21 Legends Roster, making it a milestone year for each player.

It's not yet clear if this marks the end of Legend reveals for MLB The Show 22, but the most likely time for another reveal would be this week's Feature Premiere on Diamond Dynasty.

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