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MLB The Show 22: Retro Chris Sale and new Topps Now players hit June Monthly Awards

MLB The Show 22 has now officially launched the June Monthly Awards Program, and several key players have been revealed.

We've got details on the latest Topps Now additions to MLB The Show 22 and the epic Flashback Lightning Chris Sale.

MLB The Show 22: Five new Topps Now players hit June Monthly Awards program

After wrapping up the May Monthly Awards Program with their final reveals, it's now time to celebrate June's leaders in MLB The Show 22.

We're likely still three or four weeks out from the full program and Monthly Awards players reveal, but the first Topps Now cards have arrived.

We should get about 15 to 20 Topps Now cards in the June Monthly Awards program by the time it's complete, but they've begun with the first five.

MLB The Show 22 Topps Now June Monthly Awards
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NEW ARRIVALS: Each of these Topps Now cards are now unlockable

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Christopher Morel, center fielder for the Chicago Cubs, earned a Topps Now nod for the team record of 14 games reaching base after his debut.

Lane Thomas, left fielder for the Washington Nationals, takes it for a career day with three home runs and 4 RBIs against the Cincinnati Reds.

Jameson Taillon, starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, carried a perfect game into the eighth inning against the Los Angeles Angels.

Brendan Rogers, second baseman for the Colorado Rockies, secured a massive 10th-inning walk-off to cap a three home run night.

Edward Cabrera, starting pitcher for the Miami Marlins, was the final to earn a card this week following his first MLB win with 9 strikeouts in six scoreless innings.

All five of these players received a new 90 OVR Topps Now card in Diamond Dynasty, and they can be unlocked right now by completing moments in the June Monthly Awards Program.

Lightning Flashback Chris Sale enters Diamond Dynasty

On top of those reveals, we also learned about the Lightning Flashback this month as they shift from the Legends chosen in April and May.

Already visible in the program, this retro version of Chris Sale is based on his dominance in June 2015 while he was pitching for the Chicago White Sox.

Sale led MLB starters that month in FIP, strikeouts, and WAR with an ERA of just 1.83 back then, and you can see his scary powerful stats below.

MLB The Show 22 Chris Sale
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SNEAK PREVIEW: Lightning Sale will be unlockable in a few short weeks

While he's now live in Diamond Dynasty, Lightning Flashback Chris Sale won't be unlockable until the full June Monthly Awards Program hits MLB The Show 22.

However, players can try him now by playing Battle Royale, as each month the new Lightning Legend or Flashback has joined the Battle Royale pool after being revealed.

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