MLB The Show 22: How to complete the Jackie Robinson Player Program

In celebration of Jackie Robinson Day, a new MLB The Show 22 Jackie Robinson Player Program is set to hit Diamond Dynasty.

We've got details on how to complete this program and all the Jackie Robinson rewards you'll be able to snag for Diamond Dynasty in this MLB The Show 22 Player Program.

MLB The Show 22 Jackie Robinson Player Program & Rewards

After making an announcement earlier today about the Jackie Robinson Foundation Pack available to purchase for MLB The Show 22, they've also added a major new Player Program.

The MLB The Show 22 Jackie Robinson Player Program is finally live as of Noon PT on April 15, 2022 along with the rewards players will be able to earn.

If you're wondering how to complete the Jackie Robinson Player Program, there's good news as even Sony San Diego called it "the easiest program [they] will put out this year."

MLB The Show 22 Jackie Robinson Player Program
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REAP THE REWARDS: You'll get all of this for finishing the Jackie Robinson Player Program

Player Programs in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty are usually going to have a series of Moments, Missions, and sometimes even Exchanges, but they've majorly simplified things this time.

Normally, each task in the program will give you a specific amount of points towards the reward track with a combination of several tasks eventually finishing it up.

However, the MLB The Show 22 Jackie Robinson Player Program only has a single moment for you to recreate this time and we have details on it here:

Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Barrier

  • Difficulty: Rookie
  • April 15, 1947: Jackie Robinson broke Baseball's color barrier when he made his historic MLB debut. Every year on April 15, Baseball honors Jackie's legacy by wearing #42 across the League. Player locked as Robinson, tally one hit in one game.
  • Length: 1 Game
  • Goal: Tally 1 Hit

After completing this one moment, you'll receive a full five points in the program and receive all five rewards in the reward track.

For completing it, you'll get the following:

  • The Show Pack & 500 Stubs
  • Jackie Robinson OTC Socks from Stance
  • Jackie Robinson DSP Bat Grip
  • Jackie Robinson Day 42 Bat Skin
  • Veteran Jackie Robinson (LF) - 88 OVR - Brooklyn Dodgers

Once you've completed the moment, all of these rewards will automatically be given to you and added to your inventory in MLB The Show 22.

Veteran Jackie Robinson Stats & Player Review

If you're wondering whether the new Veteran Jackie Robinson is worth getting into your Diamond Dynasty lineup, there's good news now that we've learned the card's official stats.

While it's Diamond Tier at an 88 Overall, the underneath stats really highlight how powerful this card can be for your squad.

MLB The Show 22 Jackie Robinson Player Program Stats Veteran
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THE VISION: Between his Vision and Contact, this is a beast hitter

You can see all his detailed stats above, but it's particularly his hitting stats that make this Veteran Jackie Robinson shine.

There are some great outfield options in the Faces of the Franchise program, but even if you've got a good player in those slots this one comes with 2B and 3B as secondary positions or he can be a great part of your bench to sub in when a pitcher is at-bat.

With 114 VIS, 98 DISC, 110 CON L, 85 CON R, and a deceptively solid 78 SPD, this is an on-base machine for your Diamond Dynasty lineup.

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