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MLB The Show 22: Diamond Dynasty BR Reward 96 OVR George Springer

The latest reward coming to MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty is a new Battle Royale reward. The 96 OVR George Springer is available now.

The question is, how to get it? What you'll have to do to build the best lineup available? The good news is we're going to answer that for you.

Let's get you ready to earn the best rewards available in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty

There are already a ton of things to do in Diamond Dynasty, however, this is a program you'll want to take part in. Especially with the latest reward.

With George Springer as the new reward for MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty, you'll need to first go to Battle Royale.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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BATTLE ROYALE 4: Springer is your Battle Royale Flawless reward in Diamond Dynasty

We're going to break down how the Battle Royals Program works in MLB The Show 22:

  • Draft a 26-Man Squad
  • Avoid being eliminated (2 Losses)
  • Earn Rewards (Flawless Reward at 12-0)

To get the George Springer card, you'll need to go 12-0, but there are other rewards available as well.

  • Guaranteed - MLB The Show Pack
  • Three Wins - 75-79 OVR Player
  • Six Wins - 80-84 OVR Player
  • Nine Wins - 85-89 OVR Player
  • Twelve Wins - 90+ OVR Player

Now, let's go over how you can unlock Retro RF Ohtani in Angels' City Connect program in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty.

Unlocking Retro RF Ohtani

As we mentioned above, there is a lot of stuff to do in Diamond Dynasty this week. Another thing to do is unlocking the Retro right-fielder Shohei Ohtani.

The program takes place on August 3, 2018, which was the first multi-home run and 4-hit game for Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani was also a right-fielder at the time.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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CITY CONNECT: Ohtani is available for you to pick up right now

You'll need to earn 30 Stars in this MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Program. There are a few tasks you'll have to complete with just Shohei Ohtani.

One of these is tallying two extra-base hits and hitting a home run. The other one is tallying four total bases.

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